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Programs of Study


Biology, B.S.  on-campus icon
Biology, Minor  on-campus icon
Biomedical Sciences, B.S. on-campus icon
Life Sciences Education, B.S.  on-campus icon
Science Composite Education, B.S.  on-campus icon

Chemistry & Physics

Chemistry, B.S.  on-campus icon
Chemistry, Minor  on-campus icon
Chemistry, B.S. Biological  on-campus icon
Chemistry, B.S. Physical  on-campus icon
Chemistry, B.S. Engineering (4+1 Program)  on-campus icon
Engineering-Physics, B.S.  on-campus icon
Physical Science Education, B.S.  on-campus icon
Science Composite Education, B.S.  on-campus icon
Physics, Minor  on-campus icon

Computer Science

Computer Science, B.S.  on-campus icon
Computer Science, Minor  on-campus icon
Computer Science, B.S. Game Development  on-campus icon
Computer Science & Engineering, B.S.  on-campus
Computer Science & Engineering Technology, B.S.  on-campus icon
Computer Science & Mathematics, B.S.  on-campus icon
Cybersecurity, Certified Cybersecurity Specialist  on-campus icon  online icon
Cybersecurity, A.S.  on-campus icon  online icon
Cybersecurity, B.S.  on-campus icon  online icon
Information Systems, B.S.  on-campus icon
Computer Information Systems, B.S.  online icon

Fine Arts

Fine Arts, Minor on-campus icon

History, Political Science
& Criminal Justice

History / Political Science, B.A. on-campus icon
History / Political Science, Minor on-campus icon
Criminal Justice, B.S. on-campus icon online icon
Criminal Justice, B.C.J. online icon
Criminal Justice, A.S. online icon
Criminal Justice, Minor on-campus icon
Human Services, B.H.S. online icon
Political Science, B.S. Advocacy, Relief, & Development on-campus icon
Political Science, B.S. Homeland Security on-campus icon
Political Science, B.S. National Security on-campus icon
Political Science, B.S. Political Leadership on-campus icon
Political Science, Minor on-campus icon
Legal Studies, Minor on-campus icon


Kinesiology, B.S. on-campus icon
Kinesiology, Minor on-campus icon
Kinesiology, B.S. Exercise Science on-campus icon
Kinesiology, B.S. Sports Management on-campus icon
Kinesiology, B.S. Sports Ministry on-campus icon
Kinesiology, B.S. All Level (K-12) Teaching & Coaching on-campus icon 
Athletic Training (3+2 Program) on-campus icon 

Liberal Arts

Liberal Arts, Minor on-campus icon

Literature & Language Arts

Communications, B.S. Integrated Media Management on-campus icon
Communications, B.A. Integrated Media Management on-campus icon
Communications, B.S. Sports Communication on-campus icon
English Language & Literature, B.A. on-campus icon
English Language & Literature, Minor on-campus icon
English / Language Arts Education, B.A. on-campus icon
Communications Studies, Minor on-campus icon
Spanish Studies, Minor on-campus icon
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESL), Minor on-campus icon


Mathematics, Minor on-campus icon
Mathematics, B.S. on-campus icon
Computer Science & Mathematics, B.S. on-campus icon
Mathematics Education, B.S. on-campus icon
Data Science, Minor on-campus icon  


Pre-Med Track
Pre-PT (Allied Health) Track


Pre-Law Track