Learn to Outsmart Hackers

According to the FBI, billions of dollars in losses are incurred every year as a result of cybercrime. It's no surprise then that cybersecurity is one of the world’s most rapidly growing fields. Advance your tech career and help solve some of society’s most pressing issues by joining the exciting field of cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity programs at LeTourneau University focus heavily on practical application to prepare you for real-world workplace situations. You’ll gain a solid background in computer science and software development while learning to protect critical information and defend against threats like industrial espionage, organized crime, and terrorism. Our approach to cybersecurity also infuses this practical, hands-on coursework with Christian ethics to prepare you to use your newly-gained skills while considering your eternal impact.

Program Vitals

Program Credit Hours Delivery Method Catalog Tuition Financial Aid
Associate of Science in Cybersecurity 64


Catalog Link Tuition Link Financial Aid Link
Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity 126


Catalog Link Tuition Link Financial Aid Link
Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity 125


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Experienced Faculty

Our cybersecurity and computer science faculty are industry professionals with decades of experience—from a former Fortune 500 security analyst to a Fulbright Scholar—who value one-on-one personalized instruction and mentorship.

Flexible Format

With both on-campus and 100% online options at LETU, you can choose the cybersecurity degree program that fits your needs and learning preferences. On-campus classes are available in semester-long formats while most online classes are accelerated and can be completed in 7 weeks. Our programs are also stackable, meaning your coursework for the cybersecurity A.S. can be rolled into pursuing your bachelor's degree.

Make an Immediate Impact

With almost half a million job openings nationwide for cybersecurity professionals (according to U.S. Department of Commerce estimates), you'll be able to put your skills to use right away helping and protecting others.