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Pre-Law Track

The American Bar Association does not recommend a particular major for those interested in attending law school, but encourages future law students to study in disciplines that will help them develop the analytical and critical thinking skills necessary to be successful in this field.

The LETU pre-law concentration seeks to prepare students for the rigor and academic intensity of law school as well as provide a solid foundations of knowledge and ethics to inform their future education and practice of law. Pre-law students at LeTourneau may choose to major in any academic discipline; however, many choose to major in history and political science in preparation for law school.

The pre-law advisor assists each student individually in charting out a course of study.

Learn more about our major and minor recommendations for the pre-law program



  • Be committed to excellence.
  • Develop strong written communication skills.
  • Enroll in courses that develop analytical, critical thinking and research skills.
  • Show evidence of campus and community involvement.
  • Plan on completing an internship in the junior or senior year.

During the senior year of college, a student pursuing a legal career must take the Law School Aptitude Test (LSAT) and make application to law school. Admittance into law school is largely based on the student’s test score and college grades. However, students are encouraged to develop the whole person by participating in leadership growth opportunities and community service.





Daniel Ostendorff, D.Phil.
Pre-Law Advisor
Assistant Professor of History & Political Science
Chair, Department of Humanities & Social Sciences 

Office: HHH 122
Phone: (903) 233-3394
Email: DanielOstendorff@letu.edu