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The Power of Relationships
and the Human Mind

With a foundation of Christian faith, the School of Psychology & Counseling emphasizes the principles of human dignity and compassionate care as we train students to aid in the creation of healthier individuals and communities. LeTourneau is committed to a rich educational experience that contributes to the mission of God through the understanding of vocational calling. By providing passionate care and building effective relationships, we are meeting some of the world's greatest health-related needs. Our programs prepare students to make a lasting, true difference in the high-need, high-impact field of human cognition and behavior - from the inside, out.

LeTourneau Psychology & Counseling

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School of Psychology & Counseling

The School of Psychology & Counseling is committed to collaboration among helping professions that leads to a holistic approach to wellness, excellence in research and clinical skills, and illumination of work by faith. 

Building healthy marriages and relationships, helping people to live more functional and fulfilling lives, focusing on students’ wellbeing and paving the way for their success, advancing the field with ground-breaking research—each is a ministry with eternal impact. LETU’s psychology & counseling programs prepare you to make a true difference in the lives of others, regardless of your area of interest in the field of psychology.

  • Award-winning faculty with experience in the field serve as your professional mentors and engage with you in research, discipleship and international service.
  • Experience maximum preparedness through practicums and clinical training in our on-campus Center for Counseling, as well as through partnerships with local organizations.
  • You will be prepared for success in the 21st century workplace with skills that employers value. You will also be prepared for graduate work in psychology and a number of other areas such as medicine, law, physical therapy, occupational therapy, social work, business, education, and other related fields.
  • Take advantage of up to 15 hours of parallel courses in order to reduce the amount of time that it takes to complete you master's degree in psychology or in clinical & mental health counseling.

Mission Statement:

The School of Psychology & Counseling engages students in an environment of excellence, service, professionalism, and transformational faith. Students are committed to spiritual, personal, and professional growth and wellness, academic success, and integrity in vocation. Graduates enhance the quality of life for individuals, couples, families, and communities through holistic integration of psychology & counseling and the Christian worldview.




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