The LeTourneau typefaces consist of a primary serif font family and a primary sans serif family. They have been chosen to reflect our bold position in the marketplace as the Christian Polytechnic University and should be used across all print and web applications.

These commercial font families are licensed for use by LeTourneau University on the web and in print publications. If you are engaged in a design project that will use these fonts, please contact University Marketing and Communications so that we can provide files in compliance with the terms of that license.

Primary Sans Serif Font Family: Gotham

Use Gotham Black for headlines.
Use Gotham Book for body text.

In cases where the Gotham font family is not available, we recommend Google's Open Sans as a substitute.

 Primary Serif Font Family: Museo Slab

Use Museo Slab for headlines.

In cases where Museo Slab is not available, we recommend Google's Roboto Slab as a substitute.