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Search Engine Optimization Education

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Put simply, SEO is the ongoing process of making changes to a website to increase its visibility when people search for products, services, or terms related to the site. It includes making tweaks to page text, structure, metadata, and other information to help search engine indexers properly categorize content, as well as establishing connections and boosting the content's "authority" score to make it more likely to be placed highly in search results.


Why Does SEO Matter?

The better a page's visibility in search results, the more likely that page will garner attention and attract prospective students. Currently, approximately 40% of visitors to our website come via search engines. Some of those visitors have never heard of LeTourneau before. By maximizing our visibility via search, we improve the reach of the Christian Polytechnic University in attracting students, establishing thought leadership, and promoting the institution that we love.


Writing with SEO in Mind

The Marketing team has access to tools to facilitate SEO on the LETU website, and devotes focused time on an ongoing basis to those efforts. Find out how the decisions you make when constructing a page can give us a head start in promoting your content via search.
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SEO Myths and Misconceptions

Learn about common misconceptions regarding search engines and the SEO process.
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