Campus Signage

Campus signage, whether permanent navigational fixtures like road signs & office plaques or temporary signage like event flyers or outdoor banners, are an important form of visual communication. The effective or ineffective use of signage can be a powerful extension of people's positive or negative experience on our campus, from visitors like parents and alumni to our own students, faculty, and staff. We have created a set of guidelines to help take some of the guesswork out of the process of making signage decisions for a variety of needs, and we have a variety of reservable campus signage resources available for use by our campus partners.

  • Campus Signage Guidelines
  • Signage Reservation Request Form

Event Signage Guidelines

As part of our team's role in stewarding the LeTourneau University brand, we strive to create an excellent visual experience on campus that:

  • consistently represents LETU's visual brand
  • creates navigational clarity
  • reflects the high-quality experiences that happen at The Christian Polytechnic University

To that end, we ask that our campus partners coordinate with us to develop approved event signage that is in line with our brand identity guidelines instead of setting up unapproved/homemade event signage (especially for outdoor signage).

Rather than simply create a policy, however, we want to partner with you and your area to help make your event a success. We have a number of reservable signage options available to request already (see next tab), and if you need a resource that doesn't exist yet, we'd love to partner with you and your department at least six weeks before your event so we can develop a solution together. Let's talk! Use our Requests & Opportunities page to let us know how we can come alongside your department for your signage needs:

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Also, if you are hoping to create your own small-format indoor signage for a campus event, we have created a variety of customizable design templates to help promote your event! Take a look below:

Check Out Our Customizable Print Templates

Permanent Building Signage Info

If you are pursuing a permanent building signage update to an area of campus, we'd love to partner with you to make that a smooth and positive process. Please connect with our team using our opportunities and requests page:

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