Student Opportunities

  • Internships
  • Research
  • Study Abroad
  • Student Clubs
  • Professional Societies

Many of our engineering students work summer internships in order to gain industry experience prior to graduation; for example, in the last four years, over 90% of our civil engineering alumni worked an engineering internship before completing their LETU degree. Some of these internship experiences may be local to Longview, TX, but many students find internships throughout the US, and even around the globe!

The university can help students find internship opportunities in several different ways:

  • The Office of Career Services is the central hub on campus for helping connect students to jobs and internships with interested employers
  • An annual career fair brings potential employers on campus to interact with students
  • Academic advisors and individual departments often are able to direct students toward a variety of other internship and employment opportunities.

Contact the Office of Career Services or your specific department to find out more information about engineering internship opportunities.

See where some of our graduates have ended up working and going to graduate school.

While every engineering student at LeTourneau University will get hands-on, practical experience working in our engineering labs for classes and projects, some students want to go further and conduct undergraduate research. Undergraduate research experiences are a great choice for students interested in earning advanced degrees, but can be beneficial to any students by exposing them to a depth of study in a particular area beyond what they can gain in the classroom.

Our opportunities for undergraduate research include:

  • Individual studies with faculty members
  • Some programs include optional research-based elective courses
  • Some senior design projects are research-focused
  • Connecting students with summer research opportunities at other organizations or universities

Students who are interested in gaining undergraduate research experiences can work with their academic advisor to explore their options.

Students who are interested in research may also want to enroll in our Master of Science of Engineering program after completion of their bachelor's degree!

See where some of our graduates have ended up working and going to graduate school.

LeTourneau offers a variety of study abroad opportunities from faculty-led academic travel to summer and semester-long opportunities through exchange and partnership programs in places like South Korea, Germany, and New Zealand. Students looking to spend a semester abroad will work with their academic advisor to come up with a plan of study. Our partner universities include:

Contact the Office of Global Initiatives to find out more about study abroad opportunities.

When a group of students has a shared interest, they often form an official campus club. Some of the current student clubs at LeTourneau University that are particularly popular with our engineering students include:

  • Automotive Society
  • Habitat for Humanity Club
  • International Students Club
  • LeTourneau University Amateur Radio Club (LUARC)
  • LeTourneau University Robotics
  • SAE Baja Team

For the most up-to-date information on active clubs at LeTourneau, check out our app, the LETU Buzzon the Apple store or the Google Play Store to find out more!

Engineering and Engineering Technology students have opportunities to be a part of any number of student chapters of professional engineering and technical organizations.



(Joint Student Chapter)

By joining the student chapter of these professional societies, you can:

  • learn from guest speakers
  • share your interests with other students
  • build your network of contacts with like-minded professionals
  • keep up with the latest technology trends
  • have another outlet for your creativity