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Academy of Engineering & Engineering Technology

Academy of Engineering SealLeTourneau University has 75 years of remarkable history, and our alumni have so significantly impacted millions of people while advancing God's Kingdom. The LETU Academy of Engineering is led by a group of such prior engineering and engineering technology graduates who have already accomplished much, yet desire to be a part of the special role the Academy plays in further expanding our alumni impact in the world and in the lives of future SEET students.

Over 30 engineering alumni were inducted into the inaugural class of the Academy of Engineering and Engineering Technology in April 2018. All of the alumni inductees have been out of college for at least 20 years and have become leaders in their respective disciplines and industries. LETU has more than 2,700 engineering alumni with 20 years of experience in their professions.

 Congratulations to our most recent class (2022) inducted into the LeTourneau University Academy of Engineering & Engineering Technology!

  • To recognize outstanding graduates
  • To advance the University's reputation
  • To provide opportunities for students to interact with experienced alumni
  • To provide a networking opportunity for experienced LeTourneau University alumni
  • To provide advisory guidance and counsel to the dean, department chairs, faculty or students
  • To strengthen students' understanding of and dedication to engineering and engineering technology through exposure to personal and professional example
  • To advance the objectives of the university development program by identifying, securing, and providing financial or other support for the School of Engineering and Engineering Technology

Class of 2022

  • Mr. Joel Armstrong of Longview, TX
  • Mr. Stephen Biggs of Pryor, OK
  • Mrs. Ruth Bradfield Heckler of Austin, TX
  • Mr. P. Brad Shaw of Cocoa, FL
  • Mr. Keith Trosen of Amarillo, TX

Class of 2020 – UPGRADED  to Class of 2021

  • Mr. Jon W. Arrowsmith of Coffeyville, KS
  • Mr. Joseph E. Beckham of 
  • Mrs. Janine Bernero Weber of 
  • Dr. Ken Chin of 
  • Mr. George Dunham of 
  • Mr. David L. Eby of Wakarusa, IN
  • Mr. Bradley R. Erikstad of Port Aransas, TX
  • Mr. Jeter Farlow of High Point, NC
  • Dr. Bryan Johnson of Huntsville, AL
  • Mr. Steve Dudden of Albuquerque, NM
  • Mr. Curt Fitchett of Kennett Square, PA
  • Mr. William Garfield of Emmaus, PA
  • Dr. Michael Johnson of Lexington, KY
  • Mr. Tim Morscheck of Lady Lake, FL
  • Mr. Scott Patterson of Georgetown, IN
  • Mr. Peter Pletcher of Solon, OH
  • Mr. Norman Reese of Longview, TX
  • Mr. Nathan Rommel of 
  • Mr. Doug Roszhart of Greenville, TX
  • Mr. Scott Shaver of Louisville, KY
  • Mr. Michael Shepherd of Leander, TX
  • Mr. Scott J. Skielnik of
  • Mr. Robert "Bob" Strum of 
  • Dr. Dennis Tweten of Marietta, GA
  • Mr. Scott Warren of Kansas City, MO
  • Mr. Andrew Yoder of


  • Mr. Keith E. Anderson of Coweta, OK
  • Mr. James M. Berge of Shreveport, LA
  • Dr. Anver Classens, Ed.D.  of Matthews, NC
  • Mr. Daniel DiFrancesco of North Tonawanda, NY
  • Mr. DeWayne D. Egle of Holly, MI
  • Mr. Daniel J. Harding, PE of Longview, TX
  • Mr. Jeffrey D. Johnson, M.S. of Longview, TX
  • Mr. Darwin P. Kauffman of St. Paul, TX
  • Mr. Bobby A. Mihlhauser of Carthage, TX
  • Mr. James A. Minton, Jr. of Longview, TX
  • Mr. James R. Nolt, Jr. of York, PA
  • Mr. Murrey J. Rabenhorst of Longview, TX
  • Mr. Robert "Alabama" O. Shepherd, Jr.  of Birmingham, AL
  • Mr. William C. Slothower of New Holland, PA
  • Mr. Robert W. Walker of Fort Collins, CO
  • Mr. Owen J. Watkins of Downingtown, PA
  • Mr. James Kent "Tennessee" Wilson of Gallup, NM
  • Mr. Royce Yoder of Longview, TX


  • Mr. Donald Bell of Wichita Falls, TX
  • Mr. Douglas Britton of Roswell, GA
  • Mr. Phil Burks of Tyler, TX
  • Dr. Richard Campbell of Monument, CO
  • Mr. Titus Crabb of Phoenix, AZ
  • Mr. Stanley Gingrich of Larkspur, CO
  • Dr. R. William “Bill” Graff of Longview, TX
  • Mr. Dale Hill of New Braunfels, TX
  • Mr. Joel Huegel of Guadalajara, Mexico
  • Mr. Femi Ibitayo of Longview, TX
  • Dr. Michael Kessler of Pullman, WA
  • Mr. David Landon of Pella, IA
  • Mr. Thomas Landon of Plainfield, IL  (in absentia)
  • Dr. Paul Leiffer of Longview, TX
  • Mr. L.V. “Bud” McGuire of Montgomery, TX
  • Mr. Wayne Meece of Monroe, LA
  • Mr. Duane Miller of Chesterland, OH
  • Mr. Joe Nowiczewski of Montgomery, TX
  • Mr. Dean Phillips of Troy, OH
  • Dr. Jeffrey Piepmeier of Millersville, MD
  • Dr. Jenelle Piepmeier of Millersville, MD
  • Mr. David Russell of Elkhart, IN
  • Mr. Nate Saint of Morgantown, PA
  • Dr. F. Stan Settles of Tempe, AZ
  • Mr. Kerry Speicher of Longview, TX
  • Mr. Wayne Steege of Corcoran, NH
  • Dr. Kenneth Stephens of Sun City Center, FL
  • Mr. Phillip Temple of Canton, MI
  • Mr. Birne Wiley of Longview, TX
  • Dr. Stanley Young of Highlands Ranch, CO

Each Active Member shall hold a degree in Engineering or Engineering Technology from LeTourneau University granted at least 20 years prior to election and meet the requirements of one of the following categories. Exceptional applicants with less than 20 years of experience will be considered.

  • An outstanding engineer practitioner and/or possesses recognized technical expertise.
  • An outstanding and recognized leader who has achieved distinction in a chosen field other than in engineering.
  • An outstanding and recognized academician, scientist, or researcher in engineering or other chosen field.
  • A person that has pursued a life of Christian service.