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Study Abroad

LETU Application Deadline:

October 5th (for study in the Spring/Summer semester)

March 5th (for study in the following fall semester) 

LeTourneau offers a variety of study abroad opportunities from faculty-led academic travel to summer and semester-long opportunities through exchange and partnership programs in places like South Korea, Germany, and New Zealand. So whether you're studying engineering or theology, education or business, there are academic opportunities where you can grow in your understanding of the world and experience life in a new culture. What are you waiting for?

Why not consider studying abroad at one of these partner universities?


LeTourneau faculty may offer course travel tours for academic credit. These are usually short-term tours conducted between semesters or over school breaks where students experience cultural immersion, visit historic sites, and engage in the academic study all while traveling alongside faculty members and other students. Students may earn up to 6 hours of academic credit through courses being offered as part of the travel tour. Faculty-led trips often make the most memorable learning experiences students ever have!

If you are interested in participating in Faculty-Led Academic Travel, please contact the Study Abroad Coordinator or faculty in your department for more information and current offerings.

Faculty members can fill out the Academic & Group Travel Application.


Check out other options through CIS Abroad, Best Semester, EF Language Courses, or make an appointment with the study abroad coordinator to talk about your options. Please note, however, that levels of LETU support and use of financial aid may vary with these programs.

CIS Abroad offers semester and summer courses and internships in 40 academic areas. LETU students get an extra $250 taken off their total bill for semester programs and $100 for summer programs.

Best Semester offers ten off-campus and study abroad programs around the world through the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities (CCCU) to LETU students and other CCCU member institutions. Note, however, that the Best Semester application deadline is often earlier than the LETU study abroad application deadline. Make sure to plan accordingly.

EF Language courses abroad provide LeTourneau students the opportunity to participate in an immersive language learning program. Travel abroad and learn a new language while experiencing the local culture!

Interested in studying abroad? Contact:

Dr. Alan Clipperton

Vice President, Office of Global Initiatives and Industry Engagement

Study Abroad Application Process