Major & Minor Recommendations


The courses you take in your major should prepare you for law school. If you have room for electives courses, Business Law and Conflict Resolution are good ones to take.Your B.A. degree requires an 18 hour minor. Your choice of a minor is important and should be chosen to give you added intellectual breadth or perhaps work on an area you might want to develop, such as literature, Spanish or business.


If you are not majoring in history and political science, but wish to attend law school there are two options for you to consider as you meet with the prelaw advisor.

Option 1:

Use as many free electives to take courses that will help you write, research, and analyze. Some of these courses may include introductory courses that deal with legal issues in a variety of disciplines, but can also include courses in mathematics, literature, history, political science, and philosophy or ethics.

POLS 4103: American Constitutional Law is considered the capstone course in the legal studies program and should not be taken until the senior year when one's writing, thinking, and research skills have been developed and one has gained some knowledge of the American political system and some of the legal issues American society faces.

Option 2:

An 18 hour history & political science minor can be added to any major. This minor provides a systematic exposure to American politics and legal issues. These courses are required so that students are exposed not just to the foundations of American government. The minor introduces students to higher level thinking and writing skills as well as oral arguments and brief writing.


  • PHIL 2013: Introduction to Philosophy
  • POLS 2503: US Government
  • POLS 4103: American Constitutional Law
  • 9 hours of law-related courses.  Options for these hours include:
    • BUSI 3103 Business Law
    • BUSI 3833 Nonprofit Law
    • CRIJ 1313 Criminal Law
    • CRIJ 4263 International Criminal Law
    • HCMG 4313 Legal, Social, and Ethical Aspects of Health Care
    • POLS 3223 - Patent Law for Scientists and Engineers

Try to take as many of your general education electives in courses that will improve your writing skills; critical thinking skills; analysis skills; communication skills; and research skills.

Law school admission deans like to see strong courses in history, literature, and philosophy. Foreign languages and advanced math courses are also good to take. 

* Please note that pre-law is not a major. Rather, pre-law provides students with preparation for graduate school in their chosen field in conjunction with their traditional major studies.