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On-Campus Employment

For international students with F-1 visas, employment is limited to campus jobs only. (Off-campus jobs require a work permit granted by the US Federal Government.)

DEPENDENTS: The spouse or children of the F-1 student may enter the US on an F-2 visa provided they have evidence of adequate financial support. A person on an F-2 visa may not be employed under any circumstances.

For more information abou campus jobs and the application process, visit and FAQ: Campus Jobs.

NOTE: A Social Security Card is required to work at LETU. You cannot apply for a Social Security Card until you have a job offer.


Earnings from student employment are subject to federal income tax unless exemption is claimed by completion of the applicable tax treaty for the home of residency. Additional tax information on tax obligations can be found in Internal Revenue Publications 518, 419 and 519. However, it is recommended that F-1 and J-1 visa holders contact LeTourneau University's payroll department for clarification on federal income tax withholding. Visit this link for more information.


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