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Campus Jobs: FAQ

1. Can traditional and nontraditional students apply for positions posted at Campus Jobs? How do I access the Campus Jobs webpage?

Yes, both traditional and nontraditional students may apply for positions. Dual enrollment students are not eligible to apply at this time. To access Campus Jobs, go to

2. I understand that all traditional students interested in seeking employment must complete the online application at Are there jobs that require the completion of an additional application?

Yes, you will need to complete a second application for some jobs, which will be noted in the QUALIFICATIONS section of the job description. Bon Appétit (Corner Café) provides services to our university. Students employed by this entity will not be student employees of LETU and will need to complete an additional application.

3. How do I apply for a campus job?

It's easy and online! Check out these FAQs and then go to to apply.

4. How often are new job listings posted?

Jobs are typically posted within one business day after receipt. Once a job is filled, the posting is removed from the website. Remember that Campus Jobs doesn't create jobs; Campus Jobs exists to help connect students with job openings. Keep checking the job postings for new opportunities. Job postings come and go, so check the listings frequently.

5. I already have a LETU job. Is it okay to apply for additional LETU jobs?

You can apply for additional jobs, but please be aware that hiring preference may be given to students who do not have a job. If you accept more than one job on campus, you are responsible for keeping up with the number of hours you work and limiting it to fewer than 40 hours per week.

6. I've submitted my application to Campus Jobs, but I haven't been scheduled for an interview. Why?

When an applicant indicates interest in a job posting, the application is forwarded to the appropriate department(s). Each department reviews numerous applications and selects some applicants to move forward with the interview process. The scheduling of interviews is at the discretion of the department with the job opening. Our hope is that you will obtain a campus job, but like most universities, LETU's applicants outnumber the available positions. If you do not find a position this semester, don't be discouraged. As you make more connections on campus and meet more people at LETU, your opportunities increase.

7. I submitted an application several weeks ago. I've also updated my application to apply for other jobs. I was wondering if there was anything I could do to increase my chances of getting a job?

Contact to check on the status of your application if you have questions. Please do not contact the hiring department while they are reviewing applications.

8. Is there a dress code for student workers?

Student workers are expected to be neat in personal appearance and to use good judgment as to the proper attire. Supervisors set specific standards. When hired for your first campus job, dress code standards are explained by your supervisor when working through the Student Worker Orientation Checklist. If you are hired for a subsequent campus job, be sure to ask your supervisor about dress code requirements before reporting for your first day of work.

9. What is Federal Work-Study and how can I determine if I've been awarded Federal Work-Study?

Federal Work-Study is assistance offered to students who demonstrate financial need based on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and will be indicated on your financial aid Offer of Financial Assistance if it has been awarded to you. Students who find employment through the Federal Work-Study Program are paid by LeTourneau University in the form of a paycheck. Paychecks are made payable to the student and are distributed bi-weekly. Wages received under this program are at least equal to the current federal minimum wage.

10. When I received my financial aid award letter, I was awarded Federal or Texas Work Study. Does this mean I am guaranteed a campus job?

LETU does not guarantee employment in a campus job or that students will be able to earn the entire amount of their work-study award through campus employment.

11. I'm eligible for Federal Work-Study assistance. Can I apply for any job posted at Campus Jobs?

Yes, you can apply for any job posted at Campus Jobs.

12. I'm not eligible for Federal Work-Study assistance. Can I apply for any job posted at Campus Jobs?

Some jobs will indicate that applicants must be eligible for Federal Work-Study (FWS). Look for this information in the QUALIFICATIONS section of the job posting. Please do not apply for FWS jobs if you are not eligible.

13. What are Community Service Workers and why are these Federal Work-Study jobs located away from the LETU campus?

The Higher Education Act (HEA) states that one of the purposes of the Federal Work Study (FWS) program is "…to encourage students receiving Federal student financial assistance to participate in community service activities that will benefit the Nation and engender in the students a sense of social responsibility and commitment to the community. The HEA requires that all higher education institutions participating in the FWS program allocate at least 7% of their annual FWS funding to student jobs that provide community service. LETU meets this federal mandate by partnering with Longview ISD (Reading Buddies and STEMbuds), Buckner Children & Family Services, East Texas Literacy Council and the City of Longview. Campus Jobs makes every effort to place students in service learning positions that correlate with students' academic programs or career objectives, encouraging a holistic approach to work and school. The added benefit to LETU students is that they gain from work experience in fields that might be of interest to their future careers.

14. My spouse isn't a LETU student. Can my spouse apply for campus jobs?

No, you must be a current LETU student to be eligible for student employment. A spouse may be interested in applying for a staff position. Go to to discover current staff vacancies. 

15. How can I find off-campus jobs that are available?

The Longview community values LETU students. You can learn about off-campus employment by going to, which will take you to Handshake. This is where local businesses post their part-time job openings. 

16. Tell me more about Handshake!
Handshake is a one-stop shop for your professional development needs. Find and apply for jobs, RSVP to events, schedule a career counseling appointment, explore resources, participate in on-campus interviewing and so much more. Visit to get started.

17. I have a question about Campus Jobs. What should I do?

Contact and a member of our team will contact you within one business day. You can also drop by Career Services, located on the first floor of the Allen Family Student Center.