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The Passage Fellowship

The heart of Passage is the Fellowship, a carefully crafted year-long immersion in Christian theology and practices in which youth are encouraged and empowered to follow Jesus wherever he calls. We ask God to transform Passage Fellows to respond to God's call in all areas of life.

  • Key Features
  • Residential Experience
  • Mentoring Year
  • Cost


  • engaging directly with LeTourneau University Theology Faculty
  • participating in two meaningful and exciting weeks of mission projects, outdoor activities, worship, and theological study on LeTourneau University’s Longview, Texas campus
  • developing a mentoring relationship with a leader from the local church
  • designing and implementing a project for the local church

The Passage Fellowship begins and ends with a week-long residential experience on LeTourneau University’s Campus in Longview, Texas for an intensive week of study, worship, and practice.

Seminars will be led by LeTourneau University’s Theology Faculty as Passage Fellows delve into classic Christian theology. But don’t merely think of “ivory tower” theology. Passage Fellows will take the ideas learned in classroom to the community through mission projects and outdoor adventures. Also, considerable time will be given to nurturing the student’s inner life and developing Christian community. Think of it as an academic retreat that incorporates local missions, camp, and discipleship.

When students return to campus for their final residential experience, they act as leaders to the new incoming class of fellows, in addition to participating in advanced theology seminars.  

2020 Residential Dates: June 14-20.


Mentoring Year

Following the Residential Experience, Passage Fellows embark on their Mentoring Year. Passage Fellows will meet regularly with their Passage Mentor. The Passage Leadership Team will provide discipleship resources to guide Passage Mentors and Passage Fellows as they journey in taking classic Christian theological principles and putting them into practice in their everyday lives.

During the Mentoring Year, the Passage Mentor and Fellow will design and implement a Passage Project for their church and community. A one-day retreat will be held at LeTourneau University in January of the Mentoring Year for all Passage Mentors and Fellows. The focus of the retreat is the development of the Passage Project. Additionally, the Passage Leadership Team will be in constant personal and virtual contact to assist the execution and evaluation of the project.


Finding a Mentor

Passage Fellows will be partnered with a mentor from their local Church. The Passage Leadership Team will help Fellows to find their mentor.

Each Mentor will complete an application and review process to address willingness, commitment, and aptitude for being a Passage Mentor.

Passage Mentors will attend a one-day mentor retreat in April for training. The Passage Mentor Retreat will equip each mentor with the tools and resources needed to be an effective mentor.


1st Tier
2nd Tier
3rd Tier


What is “tiered pricing”? It is a personal pricing system that many youth programs across the country are now using. While the Passage Institute works hard to keep our costs down, running a quality residential camp is expensive.

We want to offer families and churches in a variety of financial situations the opportunity to send Fellows to our Theology Camp. The tiered pricing allows Fellows from all sorts of financial situations to participate and share in the work of the Passage Institute.

We rely on your wisdom to select the appropriate tier. Your choice will remain confidential and will have no impact on your Fellow’s experience as every Fellow has the same opportunities and obligations.

  • Tier 1 is the discounted rate we are able to offer thanks to our initial grant from the Lilly Foundation, Inc. and the generous gifts of our supporters.
  • Tier 2 is a partially supported rate for those who can pay more than the Tier 1 rate – it covers room, board and some activities.
  • Tier 3 closely reflects the true cost of the camp experience for each Fellow – room, board, activities, and staffing.

What happens when you pay the Tier 2 or Tier 3 rate?  You take an active role in supporting the true cost of your Fellow’s Passage experience, which enables us to direct the contributions from our generous donors to support other areas of need in the ministries of the Passage Institute: recruiting, administration, producing curriculum for youth, supporting the mentor program, and partnering with local youth ministries.

We promise that cost will not be a deciding factor:

  • We have resources for inviting your local church, extended family, and friends to help cover the cost of the fellowship.
  • Also, in addition to our Tier 1 discount, we have additional financial assistance available to ensure that no one misses out on the Passage experience due to financial constraints.
  • Once your Fellow is accepted into the program, we can work with you to set up a payment play that works for your financial situation.


Additional questions? Contact Dr. Jonathan Lett: jonathanlett@letu.edu

Please apply for the program soon – spaces are limited!