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Frequently Asked Questions

What activities are involved in the Passage Fellowship?

  • Two week-long on-campus theology camps at LeTourneau University (June 13-19 2021, and June 12-18 2022)
  • Wait, what is "theology camp"?
    • Teaching from world-class faculty dedicated to nurturing Fellows' faith
    • College counselors committed to Christ and encouraging others to walk with Christ
    • Living on campus for a week
    • Fun activities (sports, art, time outdoors, a taste of college life)
    • Great food and snacks
    • Service projects in the Longview area
    • Worship and community with committed Christian teens from other churches
  • An intentional mentoring relationship with a caring Christian leader from the Fellow's local church with regular meetings over the course of the school year (mentors receive training at a half-day retreat in September)
  • A one-day mid year retreat on January 8, 2022 with both Fellows and mentors
  • A leadership project for the benefit of the local church

What does the Passage Institute look for in an applicant?

 Applicants should be:

  • High school students who will be Juniors (current Sophomores)
    • Current Freshman and Juniors may also apply, but priority is given to Sophomores
  • Active and involved members of a Christian church
  • Involved in their community (extracurricular activities, service, etc.)
  • Good students (maintaining a GPA of 3.00 or higher or able to demonstrate their love of learning in another way)
  • Looking to grow as a leader by developing the character and qualities necessary for good Christian leadership

What is the process for applying for this competitive Fellowship?

  • The student submits an application
  • Someone who knows the student submits a nomination
  • The process can begin with either an application or a nomination
  • March 31 is the deadline for applications

Who can nominate a student?

  • Parents, relatives or family friends
  • Pastors, youth workers and church leaders
  • Leaders of a para-church ministry
  • Christian educators and coaches

What is the cost for the student?

  • The cost is only $360.00 per camp (includes all lodging, food, supplies, activities, service projects, etc.)
  • The remainder of the cost is supplied by LeTourneau University, a grant from the Lilly Endowment, Inc., and other generous donors
  • We want to offer families and churches in a variety of financial situations the opportunity to send students to the Passage Fellowship. To that end, we offer guidance and support for students as they reach out to their local church and invite them to participate in sending them to Passage. The price helps us offset the cost of one week of summer camp for each Fellow

What are the benefits of participating in the year-long Fellowship?

  • Participation in a fun, challenging, and worshipful community where students develop leadership skills and experience intense personal growth
  • The formation of meaningful relationships with other students, college counselors, university faculty, and their mentors
  • Earning an academic certificate that they can put on college applications or resumes!
  • Eligibility for up to $17,000 a year in non-stackable scholarships at LeTourneau University for up to four years, and the potential to receive a faculty recommendation for the Honors College, which offers stackable scholarships!

How does the Fellowship benefit families, churches, schools, and neighborhoods?

 The Fellowship sends students back:

  • Having taken intentional steps toward maturity!
  • More prepared to lead!
  • Excited about loving God with all of their heart, soul, mind and strength!
  • Ready to share the joy of studying the Bible and Christian teaching!
  • Thankful for being noticed, nominated, and encouraged!

What are the Important Dates?

  • March 31 - Deadline for completed applications
  • June 12-18 - Theology camp at LeTourneau University

What about COVID-19?

  • LeTourneau has had students back on-campus for residential semesters since Fall 2020
  • Having held in-person theology camp in 2021, we are proceeding with plans for the residential component of the Fellowship to be on campus again 2022!
  • Of course, we may find that our plans must change, but we think there is a very good chance of in-person camp this summer

What if the student can't attend all of the required meeting dates due to a job, athletics, or family commitments?

  • The Passage Fellowship requires time and a strong commitment from students, and that is why we consider each one a “Fellow,” not simply a participant or a camper. Upon completion of the Passage Fellowship, students receive a certificate in Christian Leadership from LeTourneau University and a substantial scholarship.
  • Therefore, the expectation is that Passage has priority on the calendar. Students should arrange their schedules around the camp weeks in June 2022 and 2023. Those two weeks are the lynchpins of the Fellowship, everything else turns on those critical times of worship, education, and fellowship. We do understand that extenuating circumstances arise. Please reach out to us if there is a concern.