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Frequently-Asked Questions

What is the possible time commitment for me each week/month?

Here are some key dates that we need all Passage Fellows to be available for: June 14-20, 2020 and dates TBD in June of 2021. Students live in residence for these weeks.

Additionally, each year there is a one day mid-semester retreat in January.

Ideally students and their mentors will meet every-other week or every two weeks for a time of mentoring/reflection. During those meeting times you will also be working together on a service project of your choosing. The time commitment will vary for each Fellow depending on the project that you will develop.

What if the student can't fulfill all of the required meeting dates due to a job, athletics, or family commitments, etc.?

We can’t predict everything in the future. But the expectations are that Passage has priority, within reason: we can work around some student obligations on the same weekend as the January retreat. As for summer jobs, students would need to arrange their schedules around those two weeks in June 2020 and 2021. Those two weeks are the lynchpins of the Fellowship, everything else turns on those critical times of worship, education, and fellowship.

The Passage Fellowship requires a fair amount of commitment from students, and that is why we would consider you  a “Fellow,” not a participant or a camper. This is also why you would receive a certificate in Christian leadership from LeTourneau University and why we are working to make scholarship money available for completing the Passage Fellowship.

Will there be any costs? If so, approximately how much?

This program is valued at over $4,000. Our work, however, is funded by a generous grant from the Lilly Endowment Foundation and LeTourneau University. With that said, we do ask fellows to make a contribution to their overall cost of the experience. We want to offer families and churches in a variety of financial situations to send fellows to Passage Institute. To that end we offer tiered pricing which allows students from a variety of financial situations to participate and share in the work of Passage Institute.

The tiered pricing structure allows fellows to choose the cost which will best meet your family's financial resources. We rely on our wisdom to select the appropriate tier. Your choice will remain confidential and will have NO impact on your experience as a Passage Fellow. Every fellow will have the same opportunities and obligations.

Tier 1 ($299) - This is the discounted rate we are able to offer thanks to our initial grant from the Lilly Foundation, Inc and generous gifts of our supporters.
Tier 2 ($499) - This is a partially supported rate for those who can pay more than Tier 1. This rate covers room, board and some activities.
Tier 3 ($649) - This tier reflects the true cost of one week of Theology Camp for each fellow; room, board, all activities and staffing.

We promise that cost will not be a deciding factor in your acceptance to the fellowship.

Additional questions? Contact Dr. JonathanLett@letu.edu