Profile Photo: Collin Patterson


  • Distinguished Senior, 2020

  • B.S. Biomedical Engineering

Why did you choose to attend LeTourneau?

I chose to attend LeTourneau for two reasons. Even during my preview, the faculty and staff proved to be super helpful, insightful, and encouraging. When I moved to campus, those aspects became more apparent. Additionally, the community shared between students strongly attracted me to LeTourneau. I have never seen such a strong sense of community, and I knew that I wanted to be a part of it.


How would you describe your time at LeTourneau?

My time at LeTourneau couldn’t be summed up into mere words. The community I met is like none other. I was given every resource and encouragement needed to make the most out of my time as a college student. A place where faith truly does meet work, LeTourneau has gifted all of its students with a grit and eternal focus that will continue to set us apart no matter where we go.


Why did you choose your major?

It was almost a mystery why God led me into Biomedical Engineering. I’ve always had a love for people and a passion to help others, and my best subjects in school were math and science. Combining these two attributes allowed me to decide upon this major. My junior year, God opened up doors for me to be accepted to a masters program for prosthetics and orthotics, so I will be continuing with that this year.


What does your LeTourneau education mean to you?

When I think about what a LeTourneau education means to me, I stand amazed at truly how much God has taken care of me. An education here confirms that you will stand amongst the highest-ranked professionals within your career. The hands-on experience that we receive here is truly unlike any other. However, our professors know that none of that matters if you aren’t able to attribute all your knowledge and success to God alone. In and out of the classroom, the faculty and staff at LeTourneau continually engrain the knowledge and love of God within the students’ hearts. From leading life groups to daily devotionals in class amongst much else, our professors are determined to ensure our spiritual growth and well-being amongst all else. Walking away with a LeTourneau degree ensures that I will be successful within my field and be able to lay all of it down at the foot of the cross.


What is one thing you'll take away from your time at LeTourneau?

One thing I will take away from my time at LeTourneau is to always live in the moment. When I started my college career, I was always very future-focused or distracted about other responsibilities. God used my friends and teachers to demonstrate the importance of appreciating with He has blessed you with in the “now”, no matter what that season may look like.


What piece of advise would you give to an incoming freshman?

To any incoming freshman, I would say to leave your expectations at the door. The LeTourneau experience is completely different that what you would get anywhere else. If you come to this university with a willing and open heart to experience both the rich community and engrained faith within all you do here, you will be shaped and transformed in ways unimaginable.