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Do you love robots, self-driving cars, and drones? Are you curious about how electronics make them all smart? Would you like to try your hand at designing the future? Study the best of both electrical engineering and mechanical engineering and become a mechatronics engineer!




The Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering (BSEC) – Mechatronics Concentration is a new degree at LeTourneau University involving a curriculum of 127 semester hours. This new degree offers students the exposure to  interdisciplinary areas of engineering combining mechanical, electrical, computer, and control systems. Mechatronics engineers work with systems that have mechanical and electrical components, sensors, and actuators.

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The concentration Mechatronics Engineering, is a new program and will be seeking ABET accreditation following the first graduating class of BSEC students in 2021.  Contact the School of Electrical Engineering  for more information about this new program.

Project Highlights


Power Engineering Lab

In this lab you will gain practical experience with the theory you learn in the classroom. You will learn how to take electrical energy and turn it into mechanical energy and mechanical energy and turn it into electrical energy. We at LeTourneau University, believe in a hands-on approach. So, your transition into an engineer, will involve labs like the below. Until you reach the pinnacle of your academia engineering career by participating in a Senior Design Project like BADGER (the video below the power engineering lab video).

BADGER Project

The BADGER Project was produced by a senior design team. It's an autonomous robot designed to patrol golf courses, recognize pest geese, and chase them away.

Interesting Classes You'll Take

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What Can You Do With a Mechatronics Degree?

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