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Purpose Driven
Princeton Bound

One of our excellent civil engineering students, Moriah Hughes recently accepted an offer to go to graduate school at Princeton University to study the preservation of historic structures. Her future is bright, and she is especially excited to reflect her faith in the work that she does both now, and in the future.


Shadows & Structures

“I’m really excited about the possibility of working with heritage structures like Notre Dame. The recent fire there helps remind me of a Christian engineer’s view on structures—the beauty of those structures and the security of what they represent are ultimately only a shadow of the beauty and security of God’s kingdom to come. As we work toward the reconstruction and preservation of those structures, the end in itself is to work toward sharing the beauty of God with people.”
Dr. David Dittenber Chair of our Civil Engineering Department, speaks to the work of his students, and Moriah specifically: 
"Civil engineering offers a unique opportunity to participate in Christ’s redemptive work on the earth (Romans 8:19-20). This can manifest in a lot of ways, as our students go out into workplaces looking to improve the world by sustainably providing safe homes, workplaces, transportation, water supply, and other critical components of infrastructure. This can mean coming up with new technologies and innovations, or looking to care well for things that are old or unique! We always encourage students in our program to find a specific area to pursue in the diverse fields of civil engineering that is inspiring to them, and Moriah’s unique gifts in the areas of both engineering and liberal arts make her a great fit to continue her education at Princeton University pursuing her passion of studying about the preservation of historic structures.”