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Engineering Faculty Scholarship Highlights

Dr. Ezequiel Pessoa: Underwater Wet Welding

A U.S. Navy diver practices underwater welding in a training poolLarge marine structures - cargo ships, pipelines, oil platforms, and the like - play an enormous and ever-growing role in the world economy, impacting our day-to-day lives. When those structures need maintenance or repair, it can be difficult or impossible to move them out of the water or to reorient surfaces to allow for traditional welding techniques and best practices.

Along with several co-authors, Dr. Ezequiel Pessoa published five papers during 2021 related to welding such structures in-place in the water, a technique called underwater wet welding. His research included an in-depth review of the current state of the art of the field, specialized studies on the impact of welding position on the quality of the welds and the impact of hydrogen released from water on cracking in completed welds, and the development of an experimental method for in-place heat-treating of underwater welded joints to improve mechanical properties.

You can read Dr. Pessoa's papers at: