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Graff, Ph.D., P.E.

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  • Professor Emeritus, Electrical Engineering


Ph.D. Purdue University 1967
M.S.E.E. Purdue University 1962
B.S.E.E. Purdue University 1960

University Faculty since 1975.
Registered Professional Engineer, State of Texas.


Past Research

In 1969 at Drexel University, with the help of a graduate student, Brent W. Reed, set up an 80KW Plasma Jet Lab facility which used an arc discharge to produce a 30,000K plasma flame. K-band interferometer was to diagnose this plasma, but research funds were depleted (NASA supported). Mr. Reed did an analysis of radiation produced by a slot antenna covered by a moving cold isotropic plasma. Project was to measure this.

In 1967, also at Drexel University, worked on the determination of Correlation Coefficients for Bistatic Scattering from Underdense Plasma Wakes (radar interferometry used on plasma trails left by re-entering vehicles). Theoretical determination of the properties of variously-shaped plasma bodies and some integrations done on time-shared computer.


Courses Taught

EEGR 2053 Electric Circuits I
EEGR 2063 Electric Circuits II
EEGR 3133 Electronics Design Laboratory
EEGR 3213 Digital Electronics
EEGR 4433 Electrical Power Systems
EEGR 4513 Electromagnetic Fields and Waves
EEGR 4613 Communications Engineering
EEGR 4942 Special Topic: Laser Engineering
EEGR 4943 Special Topic: Optics and Lasers
EEGR 4951 Special Topic: Semiconductor Memory
EEGR 4961 Special Topic: Laser Topics
LETU 1101 Precepts for Success
ENGR 4923 Advanced Engineering Analysis


Refereed Proceedings and Articles

"What Fuzzies Might Learn from Techies," by R. William Graff, Paul R. Leiffer, Martin Batts, and Maria J. Leiffer, ASEE Annual Conference Proceedings, Session #1488, Paper #AC2010-911, June 2010.
"Diversity Receiver for Digital Radio Mondiale: A Multi-Year Design Project," by Paul R. Leiffer, Joonwan Kim, R. William Graff, and Don Willcox, ASEE Annual Conference Proceedings, Session #2518, Paper #AC2010-867, June 2010.
"The Changing of the Guard: Should the Engineering Ethics Code Be Changed to Environmental Ethics?" by Paul R. Leiffer, R. William Graff, B. Kyun Lee, and Martin Batts, ASEE Annual Conference Proceedings, Paper #1550, Austin, Texas, June 2009.
"Understanding Cognitive Style and Learning Style and their Application to Teaching and Learning in Engineering," by B. Kyun Lee, Paul R. Leiffer, R. William Graff, and Vicki L. Sheafer, ASEE Annual Conference Proceedings, Austin, Texas, June 2009.
"A Hydraulic Circuits Laboratory to Improve Student Understanding of Basic Electricity," by R. William Graff, Paul R. Leiffer, Jessica Niemi, and Megan Vaughan, ASEE Annual Conference Proceedings, 2007.


Conference Presentations / Papers

"Psychological Considerations in Teaching Engineering: An Ethical Mandate to Produce Responsible Engineers," by B. Kyun Lee, Paul R. Leiffer, and R. William Graff, 2008 ASEE Annual Conference Proceedings.


Honors and Awards

DELOS Division of ASEE 2007 Best Paper Award, June 2007
Who's Who Among America's Teachers, 2000
Nominee for Piper Professor, Fall 1980 and Fall 1988
Selby Award for Teaching Excellence, Spring 1980, Spring 2008


Professional and Scholarly Affiliations

American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE)
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Lifetime member
Eta Kappa Nu
Tau Beta Pi
Society of the Sigma XI (associate member)


Dr. Bill Graff: A LeTourneau Legend

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