BADGER Senior Design Team



BADGER Robotic Bird Control is a second year project sponsored by A&K Systems. We are creating an autonomous and amphibious robot designed to chase Canadian Geese off of golf courses. Our goal is to build a manufacturable prototype of the autonomous and amphibious robot that was designed and built last year. We are using the latest robotics technology in conjunction with GPS that is accurate to a few centimeters to create a robot that is incredibly smart without the need for a host of external sensors. We are also employing cutting edge Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) image recognition to detect the Canadian Geese so that we can chase them away from golf courses. All of these things put together will allow us to create the Big Amphibious Durable Goose Remover, also called the BADGER.

The team members that have been assigned these tasks are as follows:

Team Lead: Byron Coffin V

Dillon Carroll

Taylor Adamek

Denver Hancock

Yeram Kim

Jephthah Eernisse

Ancel Carson

Hyunsu Kim

Click on the picture below, and you will see a local news station (KLTV) doing a story on the bird chaser.

video link

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