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A Guild For
The Future

The Liberal Arts Guild is an exciting, distinct way to fulfill LeTourneau University’s general education curriculum through intentional and interdisciplinary courses. This track is designed to prepare students for life, not just a job, while cultivating skills that employers love. Speaking to the emergence of the Liberal Arts Guild, Dr. Daniel Ostendorff, Chair of the Humanities and Social Sciences at LeTourneau University, describes why such a program is so important.


"The pebbles of knowledge must be bonded together by the cement of experience”. -R.G. LeTourneau

“With the introduction of the Liberal Arts Guild here at LeTourneau University, our students build onto a world class educational experience through further strengthening of essential skills necessary for this modern age. The ability to think, write, understand, and empathize in our highly technical, and competitive world are the distinguishing characteristics of a Guild scholar at LeTourneau University. We strive to guide and form the students of today with the invaluable skills, understanding and knowledge of the past so that they will be the leaders of tomorrow. These students will shape the world with ingenuity through deeply formed skills in critical thinking and communication, founded on a commitment to Christ.”

As the Christian Polytechnic University, all LeTourneau University students – including our Liberal Arts majors – are equipped to engage a Tech-heavy world and meet the demands of an ever changing marketplace.

Working alongside engineers, aviators, and computer programmers during their degree program, LETU graduates bridge the gap between the engineer and the consumer, the developer and the business leader, etc. 

LeTourneau University has always been an institution built on the union of premier education and high-quality practical experience. Through the Guild, that experience is bonded ever stronger with knowledge shaped through a community focused, classical approach to scholarship within the Liberal Arts.