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Profile Photo: Thomas Whittaker, PH.D.

Whittaker, PH.D.


  • Assistant Professor of History

Thomas Whittaker's research looks at the emergence of a culture of missions in the early American republic. He is interested in the history of evangelicalism and the Reformed tradition from the Reformation onwards, with a particular focus on the history of missions, transatlantic religious networks, and the origins of world Christianity in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Professor Whittaker teaches the full scope of history at LeTourneau University, introducing students to thinking, researching, and writing as historians. He is convinced that history is a discipline with rich applications in the real world and particularly enjoys teaching using games from the Reacting to the Past consortium.


  • PH.D. Harvard University, 2022
  • M.A., Study of Religion, Harvard University, 2017
  • M.A., Divinity, University of Chicago, 2014
  • B.A., History and Religious Studies, University of Chicago, 2012