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Profile Photo: Scott Dyer, Ph.D.

Dyer, Ph.D.

Phone: 903.233.3351

  • Assistant Professor of Biology

Dr. Scott Dyer - Biology Spotlight

Dr. Scott Dyer, Assistant Professor of Biology, talks about why he loves teaching LeTourneau students.

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Personal Statement

As a Christian and longtime scientist, I am committed to the conservation and stewardship of God's creation and have been active in transmitting state-of-the-science knowledge to fellow believers, scientists, and decision-makers that work within industry, non-governmental organizations and regulatory bodies around the world.  Having many roles in my Christian walk (parent, church leader, educator, scientist) I have observed a growing gap in scientific understanding of young believers, often considering science as an anathema.  Further, Christian belief within the sciences is often met with opposition.  Hence, I am quite excited to join LeTourneau where I can relay my practical knowledge of being a leader in science, a bridge-builder and yet not have to sacrifice one’s faith to make positive impacts on humanity and the environment. 

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