Alumni Testimonials

Karisa Kaye, Biology B.S.

"LeTourneau University's biology program is way ahead of its competition. My understanding from friends who've completed this program and have headed into professional schools is that LETU students are beyond well-prepared for their field of study. LeTourneau alumni apparently end up as big-time leaders in their first few years of professional school because of their preparatory work here at LETU."

"For me, the biology program at LeTourneau has demanded nothing short of excellence in every area of my work and has been a stretching experience for me as a student. I believe the end result will benefit me in more ways than I might recognize."

Carolyn Dotti, Biology B.S., Pre-Vet

"I have really enjoyed how I have been able to get to know the students and the professors in the biology program. We "bio majors" get to know each other well through the various classes, study sessions, labs and in-between time. We really have a tight-knit group. Also, the biology professors are very friendly and make the time to help us students out whether discussing a test outside of class time or talking about life over a cup of coffee"