Research Projects

  • Completed Projects
  • Ongoing Projects

Sponsors of LeTourneau University's Office of Institutional Research & Sponsored Programs represent a wide range of companies, individuals and government agencies that include some of the best-known and largest organizations in the nation. A sampling of completed projects includes:

  • A welding process used on nuclear fuel rods for the Westinghouse Electric Corporation
  • Waterproofing techniques for NASA Space Shuttle tiles
  • An intelligent prosthetic arm prototype for the National Science Foundation
  • Weldability tests and analyses for the American Iron and Steel Institute
  • A metallurgy study for STEMCO, Inc.
  • A thermodynamic model for manufacturing at Solar Atmospheres
  • Techniques to detect corrosion in painted metals for the U.S. Navy
  • Weldability analyses for Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board's Advanced Technology Program
  • Engineering analysis and design of a new children's swing for Graco Children's Products
  • A robotic welding procedure for A.O. Smith Co. and General Motors
  • An intensive cable TV marketing study