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Institutional Review Board

The Institutional Review Board (IRB) is a standing committee responsible for protecting the rights and welfare of people who are subjects of LETU research activities. IRB policy will apply to research, as defined in the Institutional Review Board policy and the University's Research, Information Gathering and Assessment policy as conducted by university personnel when the research involves human subjects. The IRB shall review and have authority to approve, disapprove or require modifications to appropriate research activities involving human subjects at LeTourneau University, as part of the university's research approval process. Research approved by the IRB is subject to further review and approval by university administrators.


The Provost serves as the Authorized Institutional Official for the IRB. The President of LeTourneau University appoints the IRB as a part of the standing committee appointment process with the assistance of the university's Committee on Committees. Membership includes one member from the external community, the Vice President for Finance and Administration, the Associate Provost for Academic Administration, and four faculty members, at least one from a non-scientific area and at least one from scientific areas. The Director, IRSP, shall serve as an ex-officio, non-voting member of the IRB and will act as secretary to record the minutes. The university's Committee on Committees will select IRB members based on experience, knowledge and the guidance contained in 45 CFR 46 and these policies and procedures.


  • Vicki Sheafer, Faculty (chair)
  • John Cromer, Community Representative
  • VP for Finance and Administration (ex officio)
  • Shane Mountjoy, Associate Provost for Academic Administration
  • Karen Jacobs, Faculty
  • Jonathan Demko, Faculty
  • Fred Baliraine, Faculty
  • Wendy Whitmire, Director, Office of Sponsored Programs