The Wheels Data Assistant (WDA) is a Windows application that allows easy creation and use of dynamic questionnaires, surveys or even quizzes and then stores the results in an Excel file to aid in analysis. The primary goal of WDA is to assist research by providing easier and more exact ways to measure responses and then be able to compare data in Excel using charts, graphs and any other Excel feature. WDA supports, multiple choice, rating scale and fill in response questions. Easily create new questionnaires or surveys by adding any of the question types and have them ready for use immediately, or import questionnaires that were built by someone else. When taking a questionnaire, users simply select or type in their responses and upon completion WDA will automatically translate the data into an excel format, creating an individual report with the answers of that current session as well as adding those responses to a summary sheet containing responses of anyone who took the questionnaire before. The summary sheet allows for excellent ability to analyze group data and then find trends that would not be noticeable by viewing a single response. On top of these useful core features, WDA also offers some formatting features including section headers and automatic cell coloring to make data analysis even easier.