Aviation Alumni Recognition

AviationPros recently announced the winners of the 2023 Aviation Maintenance Technology (AMT) 40 under

40 award. Three LeTourneau aviation alumni received this award. The winners represent the industry’s best and come from all over the world of aerospace and aviation. 

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Dylan Trochim

Dylan Trochim graduated in August 2017 with his bachelor’s degree in Mission Aviation (AAMM).

After graduating, Dylan joined the Textron team with Duncan Aviation in Provo, Utah as the lead technician.

“Trochim understands that for a team to stay efficient, others must be ready to lead. He is creating an empowering culture for his 11-member team: ‘My personal goal is to be replaceable,” he said. “What I don’t want to happen, if I leave, is my team falls apart because I was doing too much and the leadership was all on me.’”

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Eric Van Oeveren

Eric Van Oeveren graduated in May 2017 with his bachelor’s degree in Aviation Maintenance with a

Design Tech concentration (AADT). Eric went on to work at Burgess Aircraft Management as a full-time

member on the company safety committee.

“And it’s the variety that each day brings that Van Oeveren said he looks forward to: ‘Every day is something new. You really don't know what's going to come up most days. I may come in in the morning thinking I'm going to be working on an audit and I may end up changing a couple of tires and performing an inspection on an airplane. You never really know what it's going to be until it gets there.'" 

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Caleb Gibson

Caleb Gibson graduated in May 2015 with his bachelor’s degree in Mission Aviation (AAMM).

After graduating, Caleb now works as the manager for ProOwnership Maintenance at Textron Aviation.

“Gibson has attained the FlightSafety Master Technician on the Beachcraft King Air 300 series and the Cessna Citation 525 series. He says one of his favorite things about working in the aviation industry is that personal integrity and responsibility are key to the job.”

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