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Alumni Advisory Council

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Because LeTourneau alumni are our strongest advocates in spreading the word about the incredible work God is doing through our university, the Association is represented through the Alumni Advisory Council. The Council is made up of fourteen members across decades, majors, and locations. Charged with the tasks of communicating with and fostering relationships with students and fellow alumni, the Council works alongside and advises the Office of Alumni & Parents Relations.

We could not ask for a better group who wholeheartedly serve and care for the University and our office. They spend long hours preparing for events, discussing new programs, and hearing updates from across the University. The Council Chair also sits on the Board of Trustees as a non-voting member and alumni representative.

Support the Alumni Association!

Aviation Technology

Business Finance & General Business Admin

History & Political Science

Engineering Tech, Aero Science Elective

Aviation Technology & Mechanical Engineering Technology

English & History

Welding Engineering

Business Administration & Industrial Management

Recent Council Members

MA in Counseling

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Physical Education

Engineering Tech, Aero Science Elective

MBA in International Business

Materials Joining Engineering

Industrial Engineering

Psychology, MBA

Business Management

Mechanical Engineering, MSE