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Profile Photo: Martha Whisenhunt


Phone: 903.233.4372

  • Academic Transcript Evaluator

Martha is a December 1988 graduate of East Texas Baptist University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Education. Her formal education and initial work experience following earning her degree was in elementary education. She then worked as a juvenile probation officer for 10 years and a caseworker for a congressman for 3 years. Martha has worked at LeTourneau since 2007 when she began as a receptionist in the School of Graduate and Professional Services. She then moved to work in the PACT program followed by working again in the GAPS program as a global advisor. Martha began working in the Registrar's Office in 2015 and is currently serves as a Transcript Evaluator.

Martha has been married to her high school sweetheart, Shawn, since 1987. Martha's happiest moments are spent with her husband, children, and granddaughters. She loves to laugh and joke. she enjoys watching sports, riding on their trike with her husband, camping, listening to music, and can be caught at times singing karaoke with her oldest granddaughter. Martha strongly believes that Christ will be active in our life each day if we allow him to be and even during troubled times, bring peace and joy.