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Principal Certification

LeTourneau University is committed to developing leaders that understand the process and conditions necessary for building and leading organizations including schools, families, and communities.

All requirements for the master's degree are approved by the State of Texas.


Students who have been fully admitted in LETU's 36 credit hour MED program with an emphasis in Educational Administration will automatically be completing the academic requirements for principalship certification…..This means you will not have to obtain the degree and then be forced to take additional courses beyond the degree to meet the academic requirements for principalship certification.

In addition, the following requirements are necessary to satisfy all academic and state requirements for principalship certification:

  • Acceptance into and satisfactory completion of LeTourneau University's MED in Educational Administration degree requirements including:
  • Satisfactory academic completion of MEDU 5533 (Formerly MEDU 5033) "Administration of the Early Childhood thru 12th Grade Curriculum"
  • Satisfactory academic completion of MEDU 5781 "Practicum in Educational Administration" (Formerly MEDU 5183 "Internship-Campus Leader")
  • Have a valid Texas teacher certificate
  • Have a minimum of two years classroom teaching experience at the time of application
  • Complete the TEA online certification application by setting up an account and clicking on "SBEC Online for Educators"
  • Successful completion of the principalship TExES exam


Students who have met the academic prerequisites for MEDU 5781 "Practicum in Educational Administration" can register for the course. The downloadable document located in the right-hand column consists of the requirements you can expect while taking the internship course.

You will have a credentialed, dedicated faculty member (who may also have been a certified teacher and/or school administrator) to help teach and mentor you through the course.