Most LeTourneau students earning the Bachelor of Arts or the Bachelor of Science degree in Interdisciplinary Studies are planning careers in elementary education. For that reason, interdisciplinary programs are coordinated through the School of Education. These degree programs are available, however, for any student interested in an individualized, broad-based course of study.

An Interdisciplinary Studies degree plan must contain three concentrations: a primary concentration with a minimum of 21 credit hours, and two secondary concentrations with at least 15 credit hours each. Concentrations may be in any area in which the University offers academic programs. The proposed plan must be approved by the department chairs responsible for each concentration as well as the Office of the Provost. Students must meet all course prerequisites and general education requirements of their chosen concentrations. The degree plan must also include a total of at least 30 credit hours of upper division courses, 21 of those within the areas of concentration, with at least six credit hours of upper division courses in each of the three areas.

A student must make application for an Interdisciplinary Studies program. Students interested in pursuing this degree should begin the process by scheduling a meeting with the Dean of the School of Education or the Interdisciplinary Advisor designated by the Dean.

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