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Following the legacy of our industrious founder, R.G. LeTourneau, business students at LeTourneau University are built with an entrepreneurial mindset and a drive to lift up their organizations as well as their cities. The Center for Free Enterprise and Entrepreneurial Leadership is a vehicle for the development of these future business and community leaders. Business students in their senior year join a team and partner with a local client to serve as consultants to solve a problem or fill a need that is presented.



The School of Business believes relevant and challenging internships solidify classroom curriculum, forge valuable skill sets, and instill confidence in business students, all while creating post-graduation career opportunities and networks. We want to prepare out students for their calling in every workplace in every nation. The following are examples of recent LeTourneau student internships that did just that: 

Current Internships include:

  • Amazon
  • Brunson Equestrian Center - Tyler, TX
  • C4 Interest, LLC
  • Camping World - Licolnshire, IL
  • Longview Arboretum and Nature Center - Longview, TX
  • Pathway Church - Longview, TX
  • Reactions Unlimited
  • Righteous Rides

Previous Internships Include:

  • Edward Jones Financial Advising - Center, TX
  • Saville, Dodgen & Co. - Dallas, TX
  • Gearheart & Gearheart, CPA - Henderson, TX
  • Ernst & Young U.S. LLP - Houston, TX
  • Sharps Compliance, Inc. - Houston, TX
  • Texas Right to Life - Houston, TX
  • Reactions Unlimited - Houston, TX
  • Martin Resource Management Corporation - Kilgore, TX 
  • Cooner & Cooner, PC - Longview, TX
  • Henry & Peters PC - Longview, TX
  • Curtis Blakely & Co., PC - Longview, TX
  • Pipeline Integrity Resources Inc. - Longview, TX
  • Stephen Duck, CPA PC - Longview, TX
  • PhyNet Inc. - Longview, TX
  • Chick-fil-A - Longview, TX
  • United Way - Longview, TX
  • Fabrication Solutions and Technologies - Longview, TX
  • LeTourneau University, Event Planning - Longview, TX
  • Goswick Lane - Longview, TX
  • Kevin McKay, CPA, PLLC - Lufkin, TX
  • Sweet Shop USA - Mt. Pleasant, TX
  • Gollob, Morgan, Peddy, & Co. - Tyler, TX
  • SonSet Solutions, Inc. - Elkhart, IN
  • Textron Aviation - Wichita, KA
  • Samaritan's Purse - Boone, NC
  • The San Franciscan Roaster Co. - Carson City, NV
  • Prime Pay - West Chester, PA


Join our Student Advisory Council and serve as a conduit between students and the dean. Help enhance learning experiences that improve career advancement, bringing greater experiential education, community impact, and professional enrichment into our academic programs. In the process, you’ll learn what it’s like to serve on a council and develop your leadership and team-building skills. You’ll also become familiar with organizational protocol and best practices for influencing change within workplace environments.

Advisory Council members are encouraged to freely express their opinions and suggestions. The council focuses on furthering the development of high-quality, career advancing business education opportunities. The input of the council leads to continued program growth, effectiveness, and opportunities within the School of Business.


The mission of the Student Advisory Council is to act as a voice and a conduit of students’ thoughts, ideas, and needs, and to generate value-adding contributions in advancing the School of Business mission.


Participation in the Student Advisory Council is structured around creating new learning experiences designed to expand our current academic programs and better prepare School of Business students for the global marketplace. The Student Advisory Council is focused on achieving results that students will see during their time at LeTourneau University. Meetings are held with the Dean 1-2 times a semester.


Student Advisory Council member recommendations are provided by faculty and academic advisors for the School of Business to the Dean, Dr. Kathleen Mays. New member requests are offered at the beginning of each Fall semester.

(2024-25) NEW MEMBERS - Coming Soon


Berry, Kaisen - General Business                    Pangni, Axel - Finance

Blaine, Walker - Finance                                 Peterson, Bob - Management

Chaney, Grace - Accounting                           Spitdowski, Taylor - Finance

Ellsworth, Liz - Management                          Stocks, Landon - Management 

Fischer, Zaine - Marketing/Finance                Taylor, Kaylyn - General Business

Huckabee, Michael - Accounting                    TrujilloSoto, Renata - Marketing

Mendoza, Mirabella - Marketing                      Wagner, Sydney - Marketing/Finance

Moreau, Elizabeth - Accounting                      Weigel, Mischelle - BBM


Sigma Beta Delta Honor Society is for students in business, management and administration. Wisdom, honor and the pursuit of meaningful aspirations are the principles on which the society has been founded. These qualities are of the utmost importance not only for success in the realm of professionalism but in one's personal life as well.

The society encourages its members to live lives distinguished by honorable service to humankind. In order to be eligible for membership, students must be an accounting or business major ranking in the top 20 percent of their class. This society is widely recognized, and membership can be a beneficial asset for students when entering the workplace.

To learn more, please contact Karen Jacobs,