Office of the Provost

Message from the Provost

Dear Faculty,

Imagine graduation day, as your students approach President Lunsford's outstretched hand to accept their diploma. Know that you have helped transform a life. LeTourneau University's beautiful Belcher Chapel and Performance Center contains friends and family who are proud and excited for their loved ones and their future. They may not fully understand the experiences their sons, daughters, and friends have had as the result of your life's work.

Your students have earned one of the highest quality bachelor or graduate degrees in the United States -under your leadership and watchcare.

Yet, they have experienced far more.

They have a personal relationship with you, an expert in their chosen discipline. They have become life-long friends with fellow classmates and many have had a global learning experience. You have challenged them academically, supported them personally and spiritually, and you have loved them.

Yet, there is more.

They have experienced life alongside you - an authentic Christian who is fully committed to your faith and fully committed to your profession - you have compromised neither. As their mentor and professor, you have not simply arranged your life around an important profession; but instead, you have modeled the satisfaction and meaning resulting from the integration of your faith and vocation.

As a result of your life's work, they have experienced faith as an informer of their new profession, and they have experienced their new profession as an informer of their faith. Your view of your life's work as a holy calling has had an eternal impact. You have helped transform them…

That will be a very special day. I am so happy you have joined us.

We are LeTourneau.


Dr. Steven D. Mason

Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs