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Peer Perspective

One of the profound experiences of life at LeTourneau, and one of the central promises we make to our students, is to support them. To ‘not let them do life alone,’ and to build in facets of the campus living and learning experience that surround them with relational guides—to aid in navigating the ins and outs of college life, and the bumps of life in general along the way. Peer advisors serve as some of those guides.

Peer Advisors are experienced student leaders who have demonstrated academic and community success. Their main focus is to develop relationships with new students and to assist them with transitioning to university life. Peer Advisors connect with new students through the Cornerstones course, which is part of the First Year Experience and introduces students to the LeTourneau University community, and mentor new students closely throughout their first year.


Maura Herndon (English Literature & Language Arts, 2024)2022-05-04-maura-herndon-2.jpg

I remember when my Peer Advisor, Nathan Schmidt, approached me toward the end of my first semester at LeTourneau and recommended I think about joining the team my sophomore year. I remember being somewhat surprised at this idea. Sophomore year seemed so far away, and the thought of being an upperclassman to anyone felt foreign.

My first year at college had already exceeded any expectations I could have had coming out of high school during the era of Covid. Being able to attend a school like LeTourneau was a privilege I never even imagined. In the early months of my time here, I learned what an amazing experience college can be. I took classes with professors that profoundly shaped my faith and my view of the world. I found community that was rich and deep like I had never experienced. A world of academic discoveries, life lessons, and beautiful relationships was unfolding before me. My passion for the LeTourneau experience that was ignited in my first semester motivated me to take Nathan’s advice and apply to become a Peer Advisor myself.

As one of the first people a freshman meets at LeTourneau, a Peer Advisor has a huge impact on his or her experience here. My own Peer Advisor was a smiling and familiar face as I was first settling into life at school. He showed me and his other Cornerstones students around campus so that we could find our classes and gave us an upperclassman’s insight into the culture and slang of LeTourneau students. As my classmates and I became comfortable in our new environments, Nathan became a good friend who we could trust for academic support. I knew that I wanted to give back to LeTourneau by helping the new freshmen like he had helped me.

As I near the end of my sophomore year, I am so grateful for my own time as a Peer Advisor. The students I worked with are a joy to know. We shared many memorable conversations, and as much as I hope to have helped them learn and thrive at LeTourneau, I know they each made an impact on me. Being a PA has taught me to listen to people’s stories and to be a leader by being available, real, and humble. I look forward to sharing LeTourneau as a Peer Advisor with more freshmen this coming fall.