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First Year Experience

Some of the things that we offer to help support students as they transition to Life at LETU.

  • Cornerstones
  • Peer Advisors
  • New Student Orientation



Cornerstones, part of the First Year Experience, is a course that introduces students to the LeTourneau University community and encourages a holistic approach to life-long learning. In Cornerstones, students explore how to fulfill God's unique design for their lives.

Cornerstones is a 1 credit hour course organized by student major. Each class is taught by a professor from the students’ academic discipline and also support and connection from upper classmen who are already well on their way as successful LETU students (PA’s). Each section is unique because LETU faculty make the curriculum their own, but each class explores the themes of success at LETU spiritually, academically, and relationally. Cornerstones is for all new students who have not already completed a semester of college on ground or a year of college online.

2023-05-04-student-life-photoshoot-for-now-140.jpg"Cornerstones is a class, but it's also a support group, a place to connect with your peers and faculty, a place to be seen and noticed. My goal for Cornerstones is for students to develop an authentic connection with their peers and to the university."

-Dr. Steve Conn, Dean of Students


Peer Advisors are experienced student leaders who have demonstrated academic and community success. Their main focus is to develop relationships with new students and to assist them with transitioning to university life.

Peer Advisors connect with new students through the Cornerstones course, which is part of the First Year Experience. Cornerstones introduces students to the LeTourneau University community and encourages a holistic approach to life-long learning.

Peer Advisors with majors within the School of Engineering and Engineering Technology also have the opportunity to work with FIGS (First-Year Interest Groups). FIGs will be a little smaller than the typical Cornerstones course section and will be comprised solely of engineering and engineering technology majors. Read more about LeTourneau University's First Year Experience. 


Join the Achievement Center Staff! Peer Advisors are selected through the IMPACT program.


  • Connecting with a group of 15-20 freshmen who enter LeTourneau University with little to no college experience
  • Assisting Freshmen in making their own connections in the LeTourneau community.
  • Coaching new students into proper study habits.

NSO is the crucial first step into life at LETU.

Check out the Orientation website for all the details.