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Student Success Center

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The Student Success Center's mission is to provide students with the tools to succeed academically at LeTourneau University. Taking classes can be a challenge, whether entering a classroom for the first time or returning to school years after you thought you were done. Maybe there is a struggle with the material in a class, or maybe there is a struggle with trying to fit coursework into your day-to-day schedule and responsibilities. Maybe you just need a little pep talk reminder of what motivated you to enroll in the first place. LeTourneau University wants you to succeed, and the Student Success Center is here to help.


LeTourneau University provides our global students with online tutoring from Tutor.com. Many students have already used Tutor.com and have found the tutors to be very helpful.

Some of the subjects available include: 

  • Math
    Business (including accounting, economics and finance) 
    Computer Science (including MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint)

Contact AchievementCenter@letu.edu for access instructions. Be sure to include your student ID in your email.


Online and Graduate Student Academic Support


For ADA accommodations, please contact: 

Vernessa Gentry
Director of Student Achievement
Phone: 903.233.4471
Email: VernessaGentry@letu.edu

For inquiries regarding online tutoring, please contact:

Debbie McGinness
Assistant Director for Academic Support
Phone: 903.233.4473
Email: DebbieMcGinness@letu.edu