Manson Stockwell
Graduate Scholar Award

Through the generosity of an anonymous donor, the School of Psychology & Counseling at LeTourneau University is excited to have the opportunity to provide the Manson Stockwell Graduate Scholar Award. This scholarship covers partial tuition for a LeTourneau University student who earns a bachelor’s degree from LETU, and chooses to continue their education by pursuing the Clinical Mental Health Counseling master's degree.

Scholarship Details

  • Scholarship Amount: 2/3 Tuition
  • Award Criteria:
    • Must have a bachelor's degree from LeTourneau University
    • Must be pursuing the nontraditional Clinical Mental Health Counseling (CMHC) master's degree offered through the School of Psychology & Counseling
    • Must be enrolled full-time (9 hours graduate) each semester at LeTourneau University and maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or greater in the program
    • Must exhibit the core values of LeTourneau University, including character, service, honesty, integrity, scholarship, and a worldview that reflects the same (an essay is required as part of the application)
  • Renewable: Yes
  • Award frequency: No more than one Stockwell Scholar Award will be given per year (either a Fall or Summer semester start). It is possible that no award would be given if there are not any qualified applicants.
  • Committee: A committee composed of (1) the Dean of the School of Psychology & Counseling, (2) the Chair of Graduate Program in Counseling, and (3) a family representative of the anonymous donor will make award decisions.
  • Timeline:
    • Applications are due by February 16
    • Award decision will be made by March 22
    • Awardee has until April 1 to notify the committee of acceptance or rejection of award


There are two essays that need to be completed for the application.

Essay 1: Upload a pdf (preferred) document that answers the following writing prompts. The document should not exceed three pages.

  1. What motivated your decision to pursue the CMHC degree, and why have you chosen to study at LeTourneau University?
  2. Discuss obstacles you have encountered during your undergraduate work, and how you  overcome them.
  3. Describe your worldview and its relevance to the counseling profession.

Essay 2: Upload a pdf (preferred) document that answers the following writing prompt. The document should not exceed two pages.

  1. What has your community involvement (this could be the campus community and/or the local community where you live) been like during your time as a student at LeTourneau University?

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