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Coming Home

zeitlows.jpgDr. Terry A. Zeitlow  was named Vice President for Development effective Aug. 1, 2017.  A certified fundraising executive, his responsibilities include oversight of all university fundraising initiatives.

A 1987 LETU graduate, an athletic hall-of-fame inductee, a donor, a returning employee, and the father of three daughters who have all either attended or are currently attending LETU, Zeitlow’s love and commitment to his alma mater has extended throughout the years.  In many ways, he has come “home.”

What do you love about LETU?

I feel so blessed to be at LeTourneau University. This university has always captivated my heart.  My life was changed during my college days.  Through academics and faculty and staff members, though friendships that spanned across campus.  There was so much for me then and there is so much for students now.

LeTourneau is unique.  I cannot stress that enough. Having had an opportunity to serve at two other Christian universities and having been around many others, LeTourneau is simply distinct.  We truly are THE Christian Polytechnic University, and what happens at LeTourneau in training and educating professionals is energizing and exciting.  Everyone who has graduated from our wonderful university are an extension of our Savior and an offshoot of our founder.  We all leave prepared to share the Good News and share our professional knowledge.  We are people who are not afraid to get our hands dirty, our hearts stirred, and make a difference in our workplace, our churches, our neighborhoods, and our greater world.  We are #LeTourneauBuilt.

How do you feel your professional experience and faith in Christ have prepared you for this leadership role over LETU’s Office of Development?

My professional career has always been in the fund development arena. So I return bringing experience from many settings to now spend the rest of my career in a place and for a cause I love.  My personal goal is to still be doing something to further LeTourneau when I am 82 and this University turns 100 years old.  I think the development area of this university needs that type of commitment.  It needs passion.  It needs persistence. It needs a voice and a consistent face. It needs tireless effort on behalf of all current and future students and all current and future donors.  I want my university to always be set apart and unique in her place in Christian higher education.

In your new role, what would you say to LETU alumni and friends about the university?  

Many years ago Kellogg’s Corn Flakes did an advertising campaign where their tagline was “Try us again for the first time.”  In many ways I want to put that out to all my fellow alumni.  Come back to LeTourneau!  Make Longview and LeTourneau a destination trip. I will personally give you a tour and treat you to lunch or dinner at either Bodacious or our Corner Café . . . your choice, my treat!  I hope alumni will take me up on this sincere offer.  It would my honor to host you.

I am fortunate to cover many decades of LeTourneau history.  When my wife, Jill, and I were first married, we rented a duplex from Dr. and Mrs. Hardwick. We knew them personally. We went to church and knew some of our founding LeTourneau family and have been involved with LETU in Dr. Austin’s tenure and now Dr. Lunsford’s.  LeTourneau has an incredible history filled with incredible faculty, staff, leadership and students. I would love nothing more than to see a groundswell of alumni and University friends join with me in impacting and leaving a legacy for the future of OUR university.