Combat Robotics Lab

Combat Robotics Lab 360 walk-through

Noah Blanks and Callen Hunger take us on a tour of the Combat Robotics Lab. Click around the video to follow along!

Students working in the Combat Robotics Lab

Lab Equipment

Our Combat Robotics Lab comes fully supplied with the correct lab equipment used by professors and students. This lab has relative equipment such as a heavyweight combat test box, and a portable ant-weight combat arena.

Students working in the Combat Robotics Lab


On day one of classes, students are provided with full access to their lab spaces in order to have the proper materials for their class projects. Students gain experience building physical structures in the lab including weight-efficient robots for competitive combat, a combat arena venue for hosting regional competitions, and portable combat arenas using improved containment structure. This lab is home to senior design project, Frontier Robotics.

Students working in the Combat Robotics Lab

Information & Learning

In this lab, students learn about weight-efficient design, material properties for impact resistance, and radio-controlled motion systems.