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Advanced Circuits Lab

Thank you for taking the time to view our Glaske Lab spaces. As you virtually explore some of our engineering and engineering technology lab spaces, you will have a taste of the hands-on work that students build in this space and what makes a lab experience unique at the Christian Polytechnic University.

Advanced Circuits Lab 360 Walkthrough

Samuel Griffin and Philip Silva take us on a tour of the Advanced Circuits Lab. Click around the video to follow along!

 A student working in the Advanced Circuits Lab


On day one of classes, students are provided with full access to their lab spaces in order to have the proper materials for their class projects. Students gain experience building physical structures in the lab including 10-watt amplifiers, DC power supplies and function generators, wireless RC race cars, and Rube Goldberg machines.

Students working in the Advanced Circuits Lab

Lab Equipment

Our Advanced Circuits Lab comes fully supplied with the correct lab equipment used by professors and students. This lab has relative equipment such as digital oscilloscopes and waveform generators, data acquisition boards and digital DC power supplies, and LabVIEW.

A project in the Advanced Circuits Lab

Information and Learning

In this lab, students learn about diode rectifier and OP-AMP circuits, BJT & MOSFET transistors, zener voltage regulators, RC & RLC response, and power transformers/transistors.