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Master of Strategic Leadership

The Master of Strategic Leadership is an online program designed to meet the needs of working business professionals who desire to be effective leaders. We train well-prepared business graduates who excel at creativity, innovative thinking, complex critical thinking, moral judgments and high emotional and social intelligence. Because of our Christian foundation, LeTourneau is uniquely equipped to prepare MSL graduates with the ethical and critical thinking skills which are much needed elements of leadership in business.



LeTourneau University's 35-credit Master of Strategic Leadership program (MSL) enhances any worker's skills to enhance the growth and development of effective staff, teams and organizations.

Whether you're a mid-manager who wants to advance your team-building skills and knowledge of enterprise-wide issues or a college graduate who wants to thrive in a fast company environment, the Master of Strategic Leadership will take you to a new level of effective leadership.



Founded by world-famous inventor R.G. LeTourneau, LETU's MSL carries a substantial reputation and a legacy of excellence.

  • The MSL degree takes 1 to 2 years to complete, studying 16 hours a week.
  • The program is built upon biblical principles of servant and transformational leadership.
  • Courses are offered in flexible online modules, lasting 7 or 3 weeks.
  • Students take 1 course at a time, and can apply for financial aid with full-time student status.
  • Courses are taught by LETU faculty with doctoral degrees who are leaders in public, private or not-for-profit enterprises.
  • Students complete presentations, projects and coursework that have immediate application to their careers.
  • With prior approval, applicants may satisfy course requirements with up to nine (9) credit hours with transfer credits.
  • Non-business majors in college do not need to take any business course pre-requisites
  • Those with 1-2 years of work experience are also considered for admission.
  • An undergraduate GPA of 2.5 qualifies you to apply, without taking GMAT's and/or GRE's.



The ability to lead with sharp interpersonal skills, collaborative decision-making and keen instincts is more important than ever in today's dynamic organizational world. Unlike a Master of Business Administration, the MSL does not train people to lead specialized business processes, such as finance or marketing. Instead, it prepares people for broad cross-functional leadership, whether as general managers or as training and development specialists/managers. With a Master of Strategic Leadership degree, you will be professionally competent in these five core skills:

  • Leadership Skills:
    Use training and assessments to support leadership development of employees in mid- to large organizations.
  • Systemic Skills:
    Recognize and solve problems systematically based upon evidence and value-based criteria.
  • Strategic Skills:
    Lead departments in their strategic analysis, visioning, and planning processes to create alignment.
  • Interpersonal Skills:
    Draw upon biblical principles and ethics to communicate clearly and positively influence colleagues in workplace, community and global contexts.
  • Professional Skills:
    Use organizational interventions to improve team performance, efficiency and quality in enterprises.

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The faculty and staff of the School of Business value your step of faith to earn a distinctive MSL degree. We want to see you succeed as an LETU YellowJacket. When challenges arise, we will provide as much support as possible to help you complete your degree. This includes:

  • As a new student you will receive a clear, step-by-step process to assist with enrollment in your acceptance letter.
  • Upon enrolling you will be assigned an academic advisor to serve as your primary contact for scheduling issues throughout the program.
  • Our university Help Desk supports student IT needs and questions 16 hours a day by phone and email.
  • Our staff respond to student phone calls and emails within 24 hours, and our faculty grade assignments within 72 hours.
  • The LETU Achievement Center provides tutoring in writing to first-semester online students.
  • The MSL Program Director hosts online quarterly meetings of current students, alumni and guests in the field, to foster social and intergenerational learning.

Your MSL is within reach! Take your career to the next level with LeTourneau University behind you.

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