The aviation industry is on the edge of a major shift. Current economic impact studies predict that the industry for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) will gain over $82 billion over the next ten years in the US alone. This growth is expected to create over 100,000 new jobs in the field of unmanned aircraft.


Currently, UAS (also commonly referred to as drones) are being used every day throughout the world. While most of these operations are currently military, the applications for this technology are rapidly expanding in the private sector.


At LETU, our goal is for our Unmanned Aircraft Systems graduates to become effective and exemplary aviation professionals who will become leaders in this new and rapidly expanding industry. We also seek to instill graduates with a sense of Christian vocation and commitment to serving God through their careers. We combine technical expertise with a Christian perspective on the use of technology.

Interesting Classes You'll Take

  • Introduction to Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems
  • Remotely Piloted Aircraft Operations
  • Remotely Piloted Aircraft Flight Control Systems
  • Aviation Safety Factors

Concentration Options:

Electronics Concentration

  • What it includes:
    • Computer Science Classes
    • Introduction to developing and programming robotics systems
    • Experience with SUAS autopilot and electronic control systems
  • What I can do with it:
    • Get a job with UAS design and manufacturing companies

 Technician Concentration

  • What it includes:
    • A&P Certificate
    • Hands-on experience with SUAS aircraft maintenance
  • What I can do with it:
    • Maintain and troubleshoot small (<55 lbs.) and large (400+ lbs.) UAS


What can you do with this degree?

Just a few of the current and expected uses for this technology include:

  • Agriculture
  • Search and rescue
  • Inspection of disaster sites
  • Videography
  • Oil refinery Inspection
  • Power line inspection
  • Border Patrol
  • Researching Volcanoes
  • Police Work
  • Firefighting

The applications are endless. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration even currently uses an unmanned aerial vehicle nicknamed the "snot bot" to collect DNA samples from whales via their blowhole spouts. Nearly anywhere a human can't (or shouldn't) go, a UAV can.

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Reudi Schubarth, Assistant Professor of Aeronautical Science, introduces the Drone Lab at LETU's Abbott Aviation Center, where Unmanned Aircraft Systems students call home during their time at LeTourneau!

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