Combined Bachelor's/Master's Degree Programs

Several departments within LeTourneau University provide the unique opportunity for any qualified undergraduate LETU student (Residential or Global Campus Students) to reduce the time to complete a Masters degree from 2 or more years to as little as one year (in most cases). This provides substantial benefits to the student including:

  • Financial savings as you complete courses satisfying both undergraduate and graduate degree requirements concurrently
  • Expedited graduate degree completion providing the opportunity to realize earlier career and income opportunities
  • Deeper academic knowledge of the degrees being pursued you can apply to real life and work situations
  • Maintain and grow your relationships with LETU faculty

Eligibility Requirements

Undergraduate juniors may apply for admission to the Master degree programs through the Admissions Department. If the student meets all entrance requirements other than degree completion, the student will be accepted provisionally into the program.

Undergraduate students accepted provisionally will be allowed to take graduate courses during their final 3 semesters. Students on Provisional Acceptance will be limited to 12 credit hours in the graduate program. Once the undergraduate degree is posted, the student will be moved to regular acceptance.

Which Current Graduate Degree Options Are Available?

Graduate degree options are available through the Schools of Engineering and Education are as follows….however, check back regularly for additional future opportunities:

How Do I begin (Six Easy Steps)?

  1. Obtain approval from your Faculty or Academic Advisor
  2. Once approval is granted, submit your online application selecting the graduate degree option approved by your Faculty or Academic Advisor
  3. Working with Admissions, complete all the graduate degree application requirements for admissions consideration
  4. If accepted, you will be notified by the Office of Admissions.
    Working with your Faculty or Academic Advisor, the following forms must be completed and returned to the Office of the Registrar before enrollment in the approved courses can occur:
  5. Once step four is completed, the Office of the Registrar will enroll you in the approved courses
  6. Start your classes as scheduled knowing you are realizing the benefits of completing your selected Masters degree in less time