Meet the Admissions Team

In the Office of Enrollment Services, we're here to answer any questions you may have about LETU as well as take you through the admissions and application process. Take a few minutes to get to know us or find your Enrollment Officer to help you along in your journey to LeTourneau University.

Meet the Enrollment Officers

Grant Bridgman
Grant Bridgman
Assistant Director
Greater Dallas & Fort Worth

(903) 233-4336

Sarah Epling
International Studies Officer
(903) 233-3173
Rachel Faul
Rachel Faul
Western United States
(903) 233-4333
Chris Frazier
Chris Frazier
Greater Houston Area
(903) 233-4326
Sarah Katz
Sarah Ahrend
East Coast, San Antonio, Austin
(903) 233-4338
Paul Sabbatini
Paul Sabbatini
Transfer Students
(903) 233-4337
Kristine Slate
Kristine Slate
Assistant Director for Admissions
Greater East Texas

(903) 233-4331

Meet the Administrative Office

Carl Arnold
Carl Arnold
Vice President for Residential Enrollment Services
Mike Van Brocklin
Mike VanBrocklin
Assistant Vice President for Residential Enrollment Services
Sharleen Hunt
Sharleen Hunt
Director for Dual Credit Partnerships
Debbie Moughon
Debbie Moughon
Administrative Assistant for
Enrollment Services

Kayla Stewart
Switchboard Operator for Enrollment Services