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Congratulations on reaching the registration process! This 'Getting Registered at LeTourneau' video series is designed to help you navigate the process of registering for classes and reaching what's called "academic confirmation." That's the status you reach when offices like the Registrar, Student Accounts & Financial Aid have received all the forms & information they need from you, so you can get to exciting part: starting classes! It's our goal to make this process as simple & straightforward as possible, so play through each video for a guided how-to experience as you work through each item on the registration checklist. And remember, your Academic Coach is here to answer any questions you may have along the way!



Congratulations on reaching the registration process! This video will introduce you to the Registration Checklist video series which is geared toward walking you through each item on the checklist. Our hope is that these videos will simplify and clarify the registration process for you. If you have additional questions about registration, please reach out to your Academic Coach. Thanks for watching!


Welcome to another episode of Getting Registered at LeTourneau University. In this episode we will talk about the registration checklist itself and the steps it contains. If this is your first time seeing any videos of this series, make sure to check out our overview video to give additional context to what this series is about. Don't forget, if you have any issues with your MyLETU account, you can always email IT support at support@letu.edu and ask for assistance.


Welcome to another episode of Getting Registered at LeTourneau University. In this episode, we are going to walk through the "planned graduation" step in the registration checklist. This step is helpful both for you and for the LeTourneau University Registrar's Office. So enjoy watching, and keep up the good work moving through this checklist!

Your MyLetu Portal: https://my.letu.edu


Ready to set up your intended payment method? This video walks you through the different options you have for paying tuition. Learn more about payment by financial aid, corporate billing, Veteran's benefits and cash payment options. You can find more helpful information at the following links:

This video walks you through the steps to update your contact information including permanent address, phone number and emergency contact information. There are also instructions on how to subscribe to the LETU ECCS, our emergency communication system.


Walk through the process of adding and updating your student information.

- Registrar forms: www.letu.edu/registrarforms
- Office of the Registrar: registrar@letu.edu or 903-233-4370
- US Citizenship and Immigration Services: https://egov.uscis.gov


Learn more about Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) and the requirements to maintain your federal financial aid.

Walk through the process of the "Acknowledge Registration Responsibilities" step in your myLETU registration checklist. This step is required each semester that you are enrolled. For more information, please contact your Academic Coach.

Welcome to another episode of Getting Registered at LeTourneau. In this video we're covering FERPA, which stands for Family Education Rights and Privacy Act. FERPA is the federal law that protects the privacy of your educational records. If you want to read all about FERPA, you can refer to detailed information in the Student Handbook and the University Catalog by following the links below:

This video covers the 'Get Program Requirements' step in your myLETU registration checklist, which is all about learning to use the University Catalog. Even though this checklist item is an optional, informational step, it's an important resource to help you identify which courses to pick, and in what order—to create a roadmap of what it’ll take to complete your intended degree from start to finish.

LETU Academic Catalog: https://letu.edu/catalog

This video is about accessing and reviewing your university degree audit. This is the report that tells you how far along you are in your academic program, outlining which courses you've taken and which you still need to take, all so that you can keep track of the progress you're making toward graduation. We cover the basic logistics here, but if you have any questions regarding your degree audit, our staff in the Office of the Registrar are ready to help.

You’ve made it to the heart of the registration process! This video covers how to actually select your courses for the upcoming semester or module, and then add them to your schedule in myLETU. Like most of the other to-do’s in this video series, this requirement is located on the ‘Registration Checklist’ tab; however, you may need to cross reference the links below as you complete this step. If you run into any questions, your Academic Coach is here to help!

This episode is about submitting your Required Financial Aid Documents. Note: this is a step that will only show up as required if there are missing documents needed for the completion of your Financial Aid file. Completion of all required Financial Aid documents prior to the start of the semester will help to ensure that your funds are received and applied to your account in a timely manner. We'll walk you through exactly how to take care of this! If you run into any more detailed questions about these Financial Aid documents, one of our financial aid counselors will be glad to assist you.

LeTourneau partners with Tree Of Life bookstores to provide an auto-fulfillment textbook service for students that gets all of your course materials to you before the first day of class. For those of you living on-campus in Longview, the books come to your door in your residence hall, and for online students, Tree Of Life mails the books to you. As part of the registration checklist, you’re required to opt in or out of this service. This video walks you through how to do exactly that, and talks through a few of the details about how it works. Check out the link below for more!

It’s the final video in the Getting Registered at LeTourneau series, and here we’re covering the View/Pay My Bill portion of the process. We’ll show you how to pull up your upcoming schedule presented with the related changes, applied financial aid, and any remaining balance—plus, how to make a payment and/or opt for a payment plan. This is your last step before reaching confirmation to start classes! As always, contact the Financial Aid and Student Accounts departments for any questions you have before completing this step.