Average Cost of Attendance - Traditional Undergraduate

The information below represents an overview of LeTourneau's tuition and fees for the 2018-19 academic year
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Rates are effective August 20, 2018. For a more comprehensive schedule of tuition, academic and student life fees and other costs, check the detailed view.

Note: As a private institution, LeTourneau University's costs are the same for out-of-state students as they are for Texas residents.

Traditional Undergraduate Students
Item Freshmen
Tuition (flat rate for 12-18 credit hours/semester) $29,630
Required Fees $580
Room & Board $9,970
Course Fees (Approx) 1 $700
Total (Fall & Spring) 2 $40,880

1 Actual course fees depend on the specific courses taken.

2 The total cost does not include the following (estimated annual costs in parentheses): Books & Supplies ($1,550), Transportation ($1,354) and Personal Expenses ($1,254).

Traditional Undergraduate Students - Engineering Majors
Additional fees $2,500
Total (Fall & Spring) 2 $43,380
Traditional Undergraduate Students - Nursing Majors (Jr & Sr Year)
Additional Fees $1,100
Total (Fall & Spring) 2 $41,980
Traditional Undergraduate Students - Flight Majors
Course Fees (Approx) $1,000
Estimated Aviation Fees $8,500
Total (Fall & Spring) 2 $50,380

Over 90% of LETU's students receive some form of financial aid.

To help with budgeting, installment payment plans are available.