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Supplemental Instruction


Supplemental Instruction (SI) sessions are designed to support students who are enrolled in challenging courses. SI are a series of weekly review sessions for students taking historically difficult courses and are provided for all students who want to improve their grades.

Student leaders who have previously taken and mastered one of these courses are trained to host three study sessions each week throughout the semester. Note: The SI leaders attend your course lectures, too! So, they can experience the class, just as you do.

Whether you have one question or simply want to keep up on the material from week to week, you and your peers will work and think through things together. Your personal preparation and regular attendance are highly recommended. Students who attend and participate over the course of the semester typically earn higher grades than those who do not attend at all or attend less often.



  • Understand key concepts
  • Articulate what you know and don't know about the subject
  • Build on foundational material and integrate newer knowledge as the content becomes more complex
  • Prepare for quizzes and exams
  • Earn the grade that you want, but you will need to be a willing and active participant!



  • SI sessions are scheduled throughout the semester. You may come and go as attendance is voluntary.
  • SI leaders will make a few announcements in your class lectures and share session times.
    Note: If a leader is not attending your specific class lecture time but is attending an earlier or later time, you may not hear a verbal announcement. However, your faculty member will let you know that SI sessions are available.
  • Your professor may have included the SI session times in the syllabus or posted the session times in Canvas.
  • Visit Tutor Trac for available times.


Supplemental Instruction Sessions - Spring 2022

  • AERF 1113 Flight Science I (Channon)
    SI Leader: Sidney Richey
  • AERF 2103 Flight Science II (Laster)
    SI Leader: Collin Donahoo
  • AVTC 1403 Aircraft DC Electricity (Anderson)
    SI Leader: TBD
  • BIOL 1123 General Biology (Baliraine)
    SI Leader: Hannah Wheatley
  • CHEM 1113 General Chemistry I (Courtney)
    SI Leader: Kathryn Fore
  • EEGR 2053 Circuits I (Kim)
    SI Leader: Caleb Schreier
  • MEGR 2023 Dynamics (Churu, Gowing)
    SI Leader: Caleb Hatler
  • MEGR3323 Mechanics of Materials (Olson)
    SI Leader: Stephanie Bell
  • MEGR 3713 Thermodynamics (Demko)
    SI Leader: Sheldon Peterson
  • PHYS 1113 General Physics I (Hamilton)
  • SI Leaders: Brian Smith, Will Hilscher
  • PHYS 2013 University Physics I (Ball)
    SI Leader: Matthew Strong
  • PHYS 2013 University Physics I - LON-CAPA (Ball)
    SI Leaders: Matthew Strong, Jackson Miller
  • PSYC 4703 Stats and Research Methods II (Sheafer)
    SI Leader: Benjamin Murphy


Join the Achievement Center Staff! SI leaders are faculty-recommended students who have at least a 3.0 GPA. Here are a few qualifications:

  • Successful completion of the course you wish to conduct SI sessions for
  • Available to attend all SI course-related lectures and facilitate three study sessions per week
  • Enjoy working with peers in a collaborative learning environment
  • Possess strong communication skills
  • Utilize effective facilitation or group dynamic skills
  • Possess exceptional leadership skills
  • Ability and desire to work openly and constructively with the SI supervisor
  • Currently enrolled as a full-time undergraduate student
  • Recommended by the faculty member who teaches the specified course

 If you are interested in becoming an SI leader, contact