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Summer @ LETU

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In a typical summer, we average 15%-20% of our students who stick around for summer - either taking classes, working, or both. Summer courses are generally optional, but some programs may have some courses that are only offered during a summer session [please check the University Catalog and your degree's course sequence for details]. And with many students working (on- or off-campus) many schedules are closer to 8:00 - 5:00 than the normal college schedule.

That said, summer on-campus has many opportunities to delve deep into academics and/or research, and to connect with friends (new and old) in different settings.

Summer is Different:

Life on-campus over the summer is different. Different services. Different friend groups. But different schedules is the biggest thing.

  • Collectively, life seems to be more 8 to 5 for most than in the Fall and Spring.
  • Most courses are offered in 5 week blocks rather than full semester classes. (But there are 3, 5, 7, & 8 week and full semester classes)
  • There is no regular food services over the summer. When camps are active, students are able to purchase a meal at the Corner Cafe.
  • Odds are that someone else from your floor will be staying for summer. But more likely than not, you'll be suitemates and floormates with students you don't know very well. Summer is a great opportunity to get to know people that you might not otherwise spend much time with during the academic year.

The School of Aviation and Aeronautical Science has the largest group of students that have required summer courses, plus it's a great time to get in flight blocks. That means that it isn't uncommon for students to be at the airport all day. But that also means that you're going to be with several others who have the same schedule.

In addition to life together at the airport, many students also room with or near each other.

Over the summer, there is no bus service, but students carpool to get to and from the airport (or to get groceries). Not having a car hasn't been a problem in the past.

LETU's residency requirement does not extend to the summer, so you are free to live where you'd like, even if you are staying in Longview. We do offer On-Campus Summer Housing that extends from Graduation in May through August move-in for the Fall. You'll most likely need to move a couple of times, but we don't have a time where you would need to leave campus.

Like the rest of our housing applications, the Summer Housing application - typically open mid-February through June - is available on http://starrez.letu.edu.

Soon after Commencement in May, we have all of our summer students consolidate from across campus to one Residence Hall (Move #1). Depending on duration of stay, some students will end up moving from that ResHall to the apartments for the remainder of summer (Move #2), and many will leave for home after a couple of days or several weeks. And toward the beginning of August, everyone moves to their Fall housing assignment (Move #3).

Generally, if you plan to stay for more than about 4 weeks, you'll likely need to relocate mid-summer. We know this isn't ideal, but this move allows us to clean and maintain our buildings as we need to while not having a period of time that we close campus to students. We know moving isn't fun, so we do our best to minimize moves for everyone. Since we make plans based on the dates you give us, what you tell us for how long you will stay for summer will impact where you will stay. Knowing your dates will make your summer stay easier. If your dates change, we can work with you. But mid-summer changes (even if it's only a couple of days) may require an additional move.

We try to incentivize students to stay over the summer, so rent is cheap. Check the application for this year's rates.

We are staffed with RAs and a summer RD who work to orchestrate all of these summer moves, and to plan and create stuff for you to do. Many of these events are FREE or low cost to the student, and most involve food. We've done everything from grilling burgers to movie nights, Texas Rangers' games to Six Flags trips. We try to have a wide variety of events and are always looking for new ideas - so talk with one of the RAs if you have a suggestion.

Pro-Tips from Students:
  • Enjoy the different pace of life
  • Try to borrow a firepit - evening chats around a night-time fire are awesome
  • Participate in the summer housing activities
  • Sand volleyball at Solheim is fantastic fun
  • Consider bringing a pillow to the airport (for long breaks and weather delays)
  • Visit the local lakes and parks: Martin Creek Lake, Lake Gladewater, Lake O' the Pines, Lake Hawkins, Caddo Lake, Tyler State Park, etc.
  • Use the ASC Game Room and Media Room!
  • Shopping for groceries and cooking together is fun and can save a little money.